Friday, April 02, 2010

Home away from home..

Its been a good weekend break so far. Managed some good runs in Kamati garden Baroda, I was focused on improving my pace, as this garden provides me 1k and 2k loops where I can run at a constant pace without breaks.

But yes there is no getting away from stray dogs in India, they are omnipresent. But thankfully these were very friendly and non violent stray dogs, who mind their own business.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been asked quite a few questions on Micoach, so I decided to click some pictures, to help explain my answers in a better manner. So here go the FAQs on Micoach gathered from Twitter & Buzz.

this give you an idea on the size of the devices. I have used my regular running glasses to help put things in context.

The main micoach device (the heart of the device) can be clipped easily to your shorts or to the arm band carrying the Ipod/Mp3 player.

This is to explain how the HRM is strapped on. It has two buttons to strap the elastic (which includes the Heart rate readering sensor).

The stride sensor (pedometer) is clipped onto the shoe lace (one does not need to remove the laces to install them), this sensor can also be installed into the cavity of certain Adidas shoe models (similar to how Nike+ works)