Sunday, October 28, 2007

Super Sunday..

Its been one hell of a great Sunday, I did a 26km run (2hrs 34mins), from home till Churchgate station and it was not too much of an effort. So that takes my weekly tally to 65km, another alltime high. Next Goal would be to take it to 70km mark and eventually get down to doing a 80+km mileage, which should help me get ready for the Ultra. My start time was 7.30am today, exactly the same time that the Delhi Half marathon started, what a coincidence. So even though I was not in Delhi today, I made up for it with a good effort in Bombay.

I have moved a few steps closer to the Ultra marathon, have made by bookings for the event. Would be going to Bangalore on December 15 evening and returning on December 17 noon. So now the only thing left is my preparation...

Next week is going to be hectic as it has a lot of traveling, so a 60+km week looks next to impossible. Will try and make up for it by doing shorter run with greater frequency.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Getting things back on track

This week has been a lot better for me. I managed to do my 3 weekday runs of 13km each. Did them in good time, about 1hr 20mins each. The only problem being my third run of the week, which was today, in addition to one on Tuesday and Thursday. This will mean I will have to do my Sunday run immediately, without a break. I need to do atleast a 25km run tomorrow, hope my legs handle it well. If I do that then that will be another all time high.

Tomorrow also happens to be The Vodafone Delhi half marathon. I had registered for it, but could not make it as it was too short a distance, given my prep for the ultra marathon. Plus life has been quite hectic, so another trip is definitely avoidable. This will be the first professionally organised marathon (or half marathon) in India, which I will be missing. Feeling a little sad and today I get a feeling that maybe I should have gone for the marathon, just to ensure continuity... but then one also needs to learn to move on in life.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Repeat week...

This weekend has been almost identical to the previous one. I managed to do only a 13km run on Wednesday, followed by a 21km run today (in 2hrs 2mins). Need to pull up my socks and get back to the 60km a week range, as I have less than 2 months to get ready for the Ultra on December 16.

This week has been very eventful and hectic, lotsa late nights, plus tons of work. The only thing missing was sleep, finally managed to catchup some on Saturday night, which meant I had a late start on Sunday, thankfully nature had some mercy, it was not humid and the weather was pleasant. Plus as an added bonus it was nice to see everyone in their best outfits, enjoying the Dussera festival, have never seen so many people outside on the streets on a Sunday morning (dressed in their finest).

This week saw the launch of FHM in India, the best men's magazine finally comes to India. The online offering of FHM, www.fhmindia.com was also launch on the same day. For more on the launch party visit http://www.fhmindia.in/site/content/article.aspx?ID=25118

Sunday, October 14, 2007

uneventful week...

This week has not been very eventful in terms of running. Managed only 34kms during the week. Did one 13km run during the week and a 21km run today. Todays half marathon distance was quite easy and effortless, mainly due to the weather in Bangalore, its so much easier running in this weather compared to Bombay. I did the distance in 2hrs 2 minutes. Humidity is so much lower, temperature around 25degree celcius, it felt completely effortless. I could have done a 42km run, if I had more time and hydration. Hope to do a short 7km run on Monday morning as well, to try and make up on some lost miles of the current week.

It always nice to have a break from running in Bombay, especially when the weather is so much better in the new city.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The 60K mark...

I was finally able to hit the 60k mark last week, did three 13k runs during the week followed by a 21k run on Sunday. This was my first 60k run, well maybe the second.

This week has not been so good, a hectic work schedule combined with some very severe cold, meant I was only able to run today. I did a 13km run in about 1hr 22mins. Some traveling coming up with over the weekend and next week is also likely to be packed. So will have to make time to manage a decent weekly mileage, which means sacrificing a little bit of my precious sleep. But, the travel will break the monotony of my regular run, so I look forward to it.

Will take a break again on Friday, as I have had a long day and need some rest, as the cold is still quite severe. Hope to do a long run on Sunday.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The important leap..

Its been a long time since I have been regular with my blog, need to get back in action.

I have been taking it easy during last week, as I did not want to push my legs too much. But I badly needed to take that leap to 60K per week mark, and did not have time to follow the 10% rule (but over a 3-4week period, it will end up being a 10% weekly increment). Followed my 20k run with a 13k run on Thursday. But, did manage to do a 20k run on Sunday, which was definitely required, in exactly 2 hours. I have recovered quite well from that run, so tomorrow should not be too difficult. Hopefully I should be able to do three 13k runs during the week, followed by a 25k run on Sunday.

The next target would be to do some back to back long runs, say 13k on saturday followed by 30k on Sunday. But this will take some time...