Sunday, October 28, 2007

Super Sunday..

Its been one hell of a great Sunday, I did a 26km run (2hrs 34mins), from home till Churchgate station and it was not too much of an effort. So that takes my weekly tally to 65km, another alltime high. Next Goal would be to take it to 70km mark and eventually get down to doing a 80+km mileage, which should help me get ready for the Ultra. My start time was 7.30am today, exactly the same time that the Delhi Half marathon started, what a coincidence. So even though I was not in Delhi today, I made up for it with a good effort in Bombay.

I have moved a few steps closer to the Ultra marathon, have made by bookings for the event. Would be going to Bangalore on December 15 evening and returning on December 17 noon. So now the only thing left is my preparation...

Next week is going to be hectic as it has a lot of traveling, so a 60+km week looks next to impossible. Will try and make up for it by doing shorter run with greater frequency.


gopi said...

It's great to see you trying to catch up with your running plan amidst fo your busy schedule.That's inspiring, go on. Good luck!!!

Even I am planning to get registered for tha B'lore ultra (26k) which would be just 19 days after my half marathon. Will have to see how things will turn up.

Girish said...

Am sure you will do just fine. Best wishes for your prep.

hormaz said...

Hey Girish,
I am not sure if you recall me, its Hormaz (Akash's friend), i guess i met you at the Scout Hut some months back.
I just happened to stumble over your blog and dude, its great to see you putting in all that effort. Well done on your GTM and well good luck with your Ultra. I am planning to register myself for the 21k in mumbai this year. Had a few questions on the preps but that a little later. Cheers till then.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girish.This is Siddharth from Bangalore. Quite impressed by your dedication! I was in Bombay too for a year and a half and used to regulary jog on Carter Road/Joggers Park.

Need your suggestion on this - for the sake of staying fit, I've been doing around 2km everyday for around 5 days a week (just for a bit of exercise).I've always failed to get a convinicng explanation on the challenge of maintaining the schedule when travelling,especially on work. From your archives, I understand that you also travel a bit. So just need your feedback on how you work around this.Like you've mentioned, is it fine to compensate for the break by doing a few extra laps on another day??

Regards - Siddharth Nambiar, Bangalore

Girish Mallya said...

Hi Hormaz, Yes I do remember you. Nice to hear from you. Goo to hear that you are planning to take up the 21km run. Do start your prep asap, so that you can do the half marathon without too much effort.

Girish Mallya said...

Sid, before i answer your question, i would like to offer a suggestion. Do try and step up the daily run to around 4km, so that your body gets a good workout and try and do this 4-5 times a week. If you are running purely for pleasure, this is suitable solution.

There is no substitute for running regularly, its like sleep, you can't accumulate it and do it over the weekend. Being disciplined is important for running.

As regards running inspite of a hectic schedule. Its not easy. To get around, always carry your running shoes with you when you travel along with your running gear, so that you have no excuse for not running. Try and avoid using hotel gyms they are usually not good for running, Go for a short 20mins run in the morning and it would do you a world of good.

Siddharth said...

Thnaks chief! Point noted..and yup, will strive to step up the miles!...and good luck with the Bangalore Ultra!

Girish said...

You welcome Sid. Best wishes.