Sunday, May 25, 2008

Biking - pedal power, a new begining..

A friend of mine recently spoke about wanting to cycle from Bombay to Matheran, a 100km ride. This got me thinking and I realised that I also had a bike with, which has lying unattended for over 2 years. So I immediately decided to give it a complete overhaul and then eventually get down to using it regularly, and maybe some day even do a trip to Matheran.

Since i am hoping to do a Triathlon sometime next year, I need to start cycling sooner or later. Doing a cycle in a gym is not really the solution, need some time on the road. Plus it give me that extra time before I buy a decent modern bike (maybe a Trek) to replace my 18year old bike (Atlas Concorde Pro). I also hope to get some protective gear in place during the next few weeks before I start biking on the Highway.

Finally found my new running shoe

Its been three runs since my last post. I did a one on last Sunday, managed the 10.5km run in 1hr 10mins, given the heat and my fitness levels that was a decent effort.

I followed it up with a 5.5km run on Tuesday while I was in Delhi, in about 29minutes. This was one of my most pleasurable runs in many months. The weather was amazing, it had rained in the night and the temperature at 7am in the morning was a very comfortable 23degrees with medium humidity. I am waiting for the rains to hit Bombay, badly need a break from this muggy weather. The only disturbing part was the jarring and impact my legs suffered during the short run, which was a clear indicator for me to immediately replace my shoes (I have been trying to find a new pair of my favourite/current shoe for the last few weeks, but have been unsuccessful).

On Saturday I set out to discover my new running shoe, after two unsuccessful attempts, I finally manage to finalise it. I bought a Allegra Cushion running shoe of Adidas. Its quite similar to my Adidas Nova Cushion shoe. The new shoe felt quite good, as I was trying to break into them yesterday.

I started out on my Sunday morning run at 9am, which made the run difficult. I should ideally have started at 7am but could not get myself out of the bed, as I have been having continuous late nights over the last three days. The run felt good, though I was a little sluggish, as I have still not got into a rhythm. The new shoes behaved well and everything went of smoothly (no shoe bites, injuries....).

I am now looking forward to some good weekday runs with my new shoes. Feeling a lot more positive about picking up some momentum on my weekly mileage.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

one run this week...

I managed only one run during the week, it was on Tuesday, i did a 11km run in about 1hr 8mins. It was one of my better runs and the best time I have had for sometime.

Was planning another weekday run but skipped it as my legs are still not ready for three 10+km runs a week, so will need to be patient about it. But am feeling ready and good about my Sunday morning run.

I have been doing a bit of thinking about my schedule for the next couple of years. I hope to do the following - Bangalore Ultra in Nov 08, Bombay marathon in Jan 09, an olympic triathlon sometime in the first half of 2009 (it will have to be some place in south east asia, need to find/discover that). This should get me ready for a MDS in March 2010 and an Ironman Triathlon in the same year.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Not really an eventful week. Last Sunday I went for a half hour swim instead of the usual run. It was a welcome change from the routine.

During the week I managed one weekday run to work. The weather has been very humid during the week, but thankfully its not really sunny. I did the 13km run in about 1hr 34mins (which includes about 8mins to pick up my breakfast).

I have not been able to run over the weekend. I had consciously taken a break on Saturday as I had to catchup on some work over the weekend. I could not manage the planned Sunday run as I strained my lower back, which I had to rest. After some 14hrs of sleep my back has recovered quite well. I hope to make up for this skip by doing two weekday runs in the coming week.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Active week....

Since my last post on Saturday, I have done four runs. The Sunday one was a 10.5km done in 1hr 7mins, followed by another 11k run on Thursday (which was a holiday) in 1hr 11mins, a 3km run on Friday night and a 7.5km run today in about 47mins.

All of this has strained my legs (no injuries!), just need some rest. So plan to skip my Sunday morning run. Hope to make up for it by going for a swim on Sunday morning, which will not only be a break from running but also help me rebuild my endurance levels.

Since the time I have started running with the backpack plus pouch, I have had complete strangers giving me a good cheer, each time (atleast 2-3 per run), which is so welcome. Today was the best one, I for the first time met a serious runner in Bombay (outside of people I have meet at Mumbai marathon) who runs all year around (trust me in a city like Bombay with an almost zero running culture, its easier to find a UFO), most others are either casual runners or the Mumbai marathon prep runners.

I have still not got my rhythm back, guess it will take a few weeks and I will need to be patient. Plus the weather is a lot hotter now (atleast 30-32degree Celsius) during mornings, I have put on a couple of kilos, the weight I carry has increased (the waist pouch was 500gms and now its gone up to 2-2.5kgs, with 1.5l of water, 500ml gatorate, extra clothes & reading material for my coffee break), plus its more humid. I will get it right pretty quickly...