Monday, May 11, 2009

Great Indian Desert Multi stage ultra marathon, September 7-13, 2009

The details and pricing for the first multi-stage ultra in India have arrived. The pricing is quite steep, but given the challenges of organising an event of this magnitude for the first time and difficultly in managing sponsors in these difficult times, its quite understandable.

Further details when the website is up.

Dates - September 7-13, 2009

Details as provided by the organisers EchoStar Sports Private Limited are as follows -
"The website and the registration link will be up on 19 May 2009, and we’ll send the link a couple of days in advance. The key points with regards to the registration process are listed below. (Please note that we are trying to bring down the fees as much as possible, and it is dependent on the sponsorship we can raise.)

1. Important dates
(a) Registration opens May 19, 2009. The registration link will be open till the Confirmation date (refer below), or till such time all slots of the race are filled, whichever happens first. Keeping the link open is at the discretion of the race organisers.
(b) Cut-off date: July 15, 2009. This is the date after which a participant may not withdraw from the race without attracting a withdrawal fee.
(c) Confirmation date: August 15, 2009. The date by which the participant must confirm her/his participation by remitting the final instalment of the fee.

2. Race fee: The fee for GIDR’09 is as follows:
Indian Runners
Total fee - INR 65,000.00
1st Instalment (Paid at time of Registration) - INR 25,000.00
2nd Instalment (Paid after Cut-off date and before Confirmation date) - INR 40,000.00

International Participants (including NRIs)
Total fee - US$ 2,500.00
1st Instalment (Paid at time of Registration) - US$ 1,000.00
2nd Instalment (Paid after Cut-off date and before Confirmation date) - US$ 1,500.00

(a) The total fee for GIDR’09 may vary (in either direction) due to various reasons. The amount quoted above is at best a close approximation of the fee that may be charged. The fee will be recalculated and communicated before the cut-off date. Participants may please note that the 2nd (and final) instalment amount may therefore be different from that mentioned above.
(b) In case the total fee charged exceeds the amount quoted above by 15% or more, a registrant may withdraw without any charge. Refunds on withdrawal are governed by the guidelines listed below.

3. Refund guidelines
(a) Full Refund: A registrant is entitled to a full refund of the 1st instalment, if she/he withdraws before the cut-off date (July 15, 2009).
(b) Partial Refund:
i) A registrant is entitled to a refund of 50% of the 1st instalment, and a full refund of the 2nd instalment (if paid), if she/he withdraws after the cut-off date and before August 1, 2009.
ii) A registrant withdrawing from the race after August 1, 2009, and before the confirmation date, will forego the 1st instalment of the amount paid, and a 10% withdrawal fee on the second instalment (if paid).
(c) No Refund: A registrant withdrawing from the race after the confirmation date will forego the entire amount paid up as race fee.
(d) While the guidelines in 3a, 3b, and 3c hold good under ordinary circumstances, in case the total fee charged exceeds the amount quoted above by 15% or more, a registrant may withdraw without any charge, and the amount paid up will be returned without any withdrawal fee.

Also, some of you have contacted us asking about accommodation, food, etc. In brief, these are being taken care of as follows:
1. Accommodation: participants and crew will be housed in tents during the race. The tents will be typical camping tents. There will be toilet facilities at each campsite.
2. Travel: International participants must get to New Delhi. Race organisers will arrange for participants to get to the race starting point from New Delhi, and from the race to New Delhi.
3. Food:
(a) Food will be provided for by the organisers for the entire duration of the race. We will ensure that the fare will take care of requirements of endurance athletes at an event of this nature.
(b) During registration, participants may mention any dietary constraints that they need to adhere to. We will do all we can to ensure that such restrictions can be taken care of, and inform participants in advance if we are unable to do so.
(c) Some participants may want to carry their own food. You are most welcome to do so. Hot water will be provided for at the campsite for pre-mixes and packaged preparations.
4. Checklist: A checklist of items one must carry will be provided to registered participants. Some of the items will be mandatory, and some others will be at the participant’s discretion. More information on this will be available on registration.
5. The race route will be charted in June 2009 by the organising team. Efforts are underway to make the course GPS enabled. This will be confirmed only after the course has been marked.
(a) The location of the race is between 26o 18’ N (Jodhpur), and 26o 55’ N (Jaisalmer), and the altitude is between 150-300 metres above sea level.
(b) The terrain, as already mentioned, is desert, with sand dunes and dry arid stretches.
(c) The timing of the race is towards the end of the monsoon season in India, when we experience most of our annual rainfall. The average temperature during this period is reported to be in the range of 70F-95F (21C-35C). The temperature variation between daytime and night may be significant.

Friday, May 01, 2009

A good week but down again?

Last week was quite good, managed four runs as planned on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Did 11k on all these days days plus added a good 1km swim on Saturday after the run.

This week has been very different, Given the long weekend i decided to run on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, followed by Saturday and Sunday. But things turned out to be very different on Wednesday, I stepped out to run after my regular basic stretching on Wednesday morning and after the first four strides I felt intense pain in the lower neck region (where neck meets shoulder close to the top of the spine), so I walked for a few minutes and then tried to run again, and realised very quickly that this was something serious and had to immediately abandon the run.

Wednesday was a very painful day at work, it started to get worse by noon and then the intensity continued. This got me really worried, so I decided to call my regular sports injury ortho for an appointment. Thankfully he was able to squeeze me between his appointments in the evening. Doc told me that I was suffering from severe muscle spasm (minor tissue tear), so now I am on medication and pain ointment (7 day course). He also mentioned that this could be due to bad posture while sleeping the previous night or bad posture while using the PC for long hours (have a strong feeling its the former) and thankfully it has nothing to do with running. He also allowed me to start running as soon as felt better.

So I am still under pain but can make necessary neck movements. I am not able to run today, but if I feel better might give it a shot in the evening. I am keeping my fingers crossed, I badly need a run tomorrow morning (already starting to have withdrawal symptoms from run deprivation).