Sunday, March 30, 2008

No more whining...

I have been told that I have become a whiner (whining about my injury) on my blog. So no more injury talk - the next update will be when I recover completely from it.

Now the good news, I have made a healthy beginning today. Did a laboured 10.5k run in the morning and after that did a lot of walking late afternoon while traveling and catching up on different things, would have managed 6kms + during the evening (about 2kms odd stretches each time).

Did the 10.5k run in about 1hr 07min, which was mixed with run and walk. The weather is now quite humid and hot, so that adds an extra burden to the effort. Looking forward to a promising week ahead. I hope to get more opportunities to update my blog (regularly)....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to back runs..

I finally managed to do two back to back 11k and 10.5k runs on Saturday and Sunday over the long holiday weekend. The three day holiday weekend was a welcome break after a long time. It took a lot of effort to do the sunday run as injury is still very much there. But, i still managed to complete both the runs in almost the same time.

I have also resolved (finally) about working to cure my injury, I will start the strengthening regime from Monday (everyday for the next few weeks) and will go to a specialist doctor if that does not yield the desired results.

I am yet to decide on the races I plan to take up next. The way things are going, I think the Bangalore ultra should be the next run in December this year, followed by the Mumbai marathon in Jan 2009 and finally if I can get my preparations started in full swing (after complete recovery from injury), do the MDS in Sahara in April 2009 (big hope, but time is too short) or April 2010 (this looks more likely). So the only thing coming between me and my decision is a niggling injury. And this will also be my first attempt at raising corporate sponsorship for the run. Currently am trying to find out if any Indian (resident) nationals have successfully completed the MDS.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Prescription glasses and more...

I have been neglecting the blog for the last couple of weeks, which was due to a combination of factors - lack of running and a hectic work schedule.

I managed to run once last week (on saturday), did a 10k run which was again hard and tough. Could not run the next day (sunday), as I was not in any shape to do back to back runs. This week was a lot better, I managed to do a 5k run on one of my travel trips. Its somehow easier to do a weekday run in some other city. I followed it up with a 12k run today in good time of 1hr 13mins, guess my body was properly warmed up thanks to some continuous standing and running about at a trade exposition on the previous day. Hoping to run atleast twice next week, need to get back in action. And yes my leg strengthening has not yet started, not sure what I am waiting for!

Oh yes, I now have prescription glasses for myopia. Haven't managed to do any long runs with them as I have still not got used to them, as its just been a little over a week since I started wearing them. I did do the 5km run this week wearing them and it was quite inconvenient (need something to keep them in place). Might actually consider using daily disposal lenses for my long runs, if I can't get used to glasses. Plus its difficult to run in the sun without sun glasses.

Monday, March 03, 2008

No change...

The break continues, managed to run only once this week. Did a 11km run and did it in about 1hr 10mins. This was not so smooth, so am still not back to normal. I managed to get some very good tips on leg strengthening from a Physiotherapist friend, so now the only thing left is putting it to practice. Going forward that should help me in a big way. And yes this was my first run with the runners backpack, which was another new variable.

I had also visited the eye doc during the week, a long overdue trip (as I need glasses for longer distances). All the checking resulted in a two day headache, so need to get my glasses in place real quick. Only if I can find my favourite pair..... Will need to get a pair which are good for running, should I need to replace my sun glasses (going forward). Am actually looking forward to my new look.