Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to back runs..

I finally managed to do two back to back 11k and 10.5k runs on Saturday and Sunday over the long holiday weekend. The three day holiday weekend was a welcome break after a long time. It took a lot of effort to do the sunday run as injury is still very much there. But, i still managed to complete both the runs in almost the same time.

I have also resolved (finally) about working to cure my injury, I will start the strengthening regime from Monday (everyday for the next few weeks) and will go to a specialist doctor if that does not yield the desired results.

I am yet to decide on the races I plan to take up next. The way things are going, I think the Bangalore ultra should be the next run in December this year, followed by the Mumbai marathon in Jan 2009 and finally if I can get my preparations started in full swing (after complete recovery from injury), do the MDS in Sahara in April 2009 (big hope, but time is too short) or April 2010 (this looks more likely). So the only thing coming between me and my decision is a niggling injury. And this will also be my first attempt at raising corporate sponsorship for the run. Currently am trying to find out if any Indian (resident) nationals have successfully completed the MDS.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girish, you can look into getting prescription sun glasses which you can wear while running in the sun. SAK

beanz said...

Take care with that injury - don't push too hard

gopi said...

Dear Girish,

nice to hear that you have started running.
As you have mentioned, B'lore ultra is not scheduled for in the month of Dec. With respect to the calender of runs in India, put up in the group by RFL these are dates of the main events:

2-NOV-08- Delhi Vodafone Half Marathon

16-Nov-08- Banglore Ultra

30-Nov-08 Hyderabad Half Marathon

18-Jan-09 SCMM.

Hoping your fast recovery

Shantanu said...

good to see you back in action girish!!
this year I am planning a 78K in the Ultra

Girish said...

Thanks SAK. I am just waiting to get used to wearing glasses, after that I hope to use daily disposable lenses during my runs (and sun glasses on it)

Girish Mallya said...

Thanks Beanz. Am taking care and working towards getting back to normal.

Girish Mallya said...

Hey thanks Gopi for the dates. Blore ultra has done a great thing by keeping a two month gap (with Bombay marathon). I am sure they will do very well in the second edition. The organisers will finally reap some healthy returns for their efforts in the first edition.

Girish Mallya said...

Thanks Shantanu. Look forward to having you at the Blore ultra.