Monday, March 03, 2008

No change...

The break continues, managed to run only once this week. Did a 11km run and did it in about 1hr 10mins. This was not so smooth, so am still not back to normal. I managed to get some very good tips on leg strengthening from a Physiotherapist friend, so now the only thing left is putting it to practice. Going forward that should help me in a big way. And yes this was my first run with the runners backpack, which was another new variable.

I had also visited the eye doc during the week, a long overdue trip (as I need glasses for longer distances). All the checking resulted in a two day headache, so need to get my glasses in place real quick. Only if I can find my favourite pair..... Will need to get a pair which are good for running, should I need to replace my sun glasses (going forward). Am actually looking forward to my new look.


sandhu said...

Hi Girish,

It's good to see you back(though not fully) to running.I have been following yr progress and can see how hard it must hv been.
Going back to what we discussed earlier,I feel I would have stopped in the Mumbai marathon when it really got as bad as yr legs did(if I tried to run at all after the ultra).
The point is the subsequent loss of normal running(you even more than me)has to be too steep a price to pay.What are your thoughts on hindsight..
I hv only a real example of a marathoner friend(3:35 guy) who is not allowed to run at all,ever!! ..he says ..running was his life.That thought just scares me too much.
This yr plan to run my first marathon and trng going OK .. now run abt 15k every fifth day(min for legs recovery)..finally the pains are easing up and it is becoming pleasurable.

Hope you swing back asap.
Good luck.

Girish said...

Before I answer your question, the injury has not got aggravated after the Bombay marathon, its been with me for for a few months now (actually from before the ultra). And the only reason its occurred is because I have not done any leg strengthening ever, as simple as that. So its a warning for me to get down to doing it.

Secondly I did not really push till the extreme, I ran it intelligently with a healthy mix of run and walk. So I have no regrets and would have run it exactly the same way again in similar conditions (could not have done any better in the given conditions).

As regards your friend, I doubt if your friend did something really extreme to deserve it. Its something like accident/injury which occurs when you engage in a high risk occupation/sport (Distance running is not good for joints/knees/......), so it can happen to any one of us. Running is a very integral part of my life, so if I were to face a similar situation (for whatsoever reason), I would take up some other endurance sport and would excel at that with a vengeance.

Plus this is my off season so am running purely for pleasure, so its only weekend runs for me. I will bounce back in a few months time and will be back to normal (in a worst case scenario I might have to wear a knee support for sometime, till the support muscles next to the injury are strong enough). So things are under control.

Thank you for your wishes.