Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Schedule almost on track...

I was able to almost stick to the planned schedule last week. Managed another 13km run on Friday, to complete three weekday runs and followed it up with a 19km run on Sunday (which was quite a strain as my body is still to get used to the higher weekly milage, its gone up from 40-45km range to 60km range a week). I was able to complete the week with 58km, almost achieving the 60km target.

Looking forward to having another similar week. The start has been good, today did a 12.5km run, experimenting with another route to work and also managed a 8km run in the evening. So the total distance of the day is 20.5km. Today was a good day to add some extra mileage, as I was able to leave work early today, to beat the traffic jams arising out of Ganesha festivity (immersion of idols in the sea). Hope to do two more 13km runs during the week and a 20+ run on Sunday, if all goes well.

The going has been tough, trying to step up my weekly mileage, my legs are feeling the strain, esp. my shins. I hope they settle down quickly to the additional workload without breaking down!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Memorable day..

I could not have asked for a better day. As planned I did my first run of the week, 13km in 1hr 22minutes. After that it was like any other regular day, I hoped to do two more runs during the week, one each on Friday and Saturday. As I was about to leave for the day, one of my colleagues told me that today was the 5th day of Ganpati festival (which means bad traffic as people celebrate on the streets, during Visarjan (immersion of the Ganesha idol). It suddenly struck me that I had my running gear with me thanks to the morning run and I could actually run on my way back home (and not sweat it out in traffic). I decided to arm myself with a nice neat carbohydrate snack and then took off for home. I did the return journey in 1hr 22mins 30secs. This was my first back to back 10+km run on the same day, it felt really good doing 26kms today in two splits.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

As planned I managed to do my Sunday run, did about 20km in about 1hr 55minutes. This was my first run from town to Shivaji Park, as I had stayed over at a friends's place in Town. So I took the longest possible route to get to Shivaji Park, ran the entire marine drive stretch, worli sea face and Cadell road. The run was quite effortless and would have done a lot more.

My legs are feeling a little stiff after two continuous days of running, hope the recover in time for my Tuesday run, failing which I will have to postpone it to Wednesday. The only thing which is worrying me is if my shins and calves can get used to the higher workload quickly. Will need to keep a close watch, to ensure that I don't over train.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Long weekday runs continue...

Did my second office run on Thursday, did the 12.5km distance (it was shorter than the earlier one as I was experimenting with a shorter route) in about 1hr 23mins, which is quite good given that I was recovering from a minor injury. Don't think I will take this route again, at the traffic tends to be a little too fast for my liking, even though the road is lot broader and is minus potholes and parked cars.

I followed it up today (Saturday) with another 15km run in about 1hr 30min. Hope to finally end the week with a 20km run. Which should take the Week's mileage to 48km. So with one additional long weekday run, I should get to the 60+km a week league.

It was nice to see festive spirit in Bombay on my Saturday run, it was a holiday in Bombay as people were preparing for the Ganesha festival. I was also cheered by lot of people which I was running, always nice to see that.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend retreat run

Its been a few very eventful days. It started off with my first run to work on Thursday, I did the 13.5km run in about 1hr 20min. It was quite refreshing and adventurous and I look forward to making it a regular feature.

After that I was off for a weekend break to Baroda, I was hoping to run on both the days but managed to do it only on Sunday, did a good 12km run in about 1hr 10mins. After the run as I was cooling down and stretching and getting ready for my tender coconut snack, I had one of the guys (who was walking in the park, who was about 30years) come up to me, asking me how I was just going on continiously for over an hour running. Its always nice to feel special, decided not to give him a preachy explanation and just gave him a very big thank you smile (the commment was quite understandable as I have never seen anyone run more than a kilometer in the park).

Everything went off perfectly, except for a minor calf injury. So now will have to rest for a couple of days and then get back to my long weekday runs.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I had a good 13k run in some perfect weather, perfect way to start a holiday. Not exactly perfect for most, as it was raining more than half the way, but I could not have asked for anything better for myself. I did the run in about 1hr 16mins, which is quite good given that this is the first time I am doing two 10+km run (17k and 13K) in quick succession. The most important run will be on Thursday when I hope to do another 13k run, my first office run.

That should set me up for some well deserved weekend break away from Bombay. Looking forward to running outside Bombay over the weekend.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Chuk De India - a rocking flick

Started on time but the weather made things really difficult. I was one of the most humid days and it took a heavy toll, I was totally drained after the first hour and the 20K run was looking impossible. I decided to walk for a few minutes to get some energy back and then with some effort managed a 17k run in about 1hr 50mins. In the end it was a satisfying effort.

I hope to make up for this by having a good long run on Tuesday (its a Holiday!!), a good 12+km run, which should set me up for a some good weekly mileage.

The highlight of the day was a movie, which was long overdue. I usually would not write about a movie on the blog, as that is not what its about. But this was one hell of a movie related to sports, which is highly recommended for all sportsperson, it has everything team spirit, importance of training, equality for women, there is life beyond Cricket and some amazing film making. Chuk De India, is a movie on how a rag tag Indian women's hockey team, coached by a disgraced ex-hockey India captain, wins the world cup. Its one movie which I hope to watch a few times. The only other sports film which I really like is Goal (English movie).