Sunday, September 02, 2007

Chuk De India - a rocking flick

Started on time but the weather made things really difficult. I was one of the most humid days and it took a heavy toll, I was totally drained after the first hour and the 20K run was looking impossible. I decided to walk for a few minutes to get some energy back and then with some effort managed a 17k run in about 1hr 50mins. In the end it was a satisfying effort.

I hope to make up for this by having a good long run on Tuesday (its a Holiday!!), a good 12+km run, which should set me up for a some good weekly mileage.

The highlight of the day was a movie, which was long overdue. I usually would not write about a movie on the blog, as that is not what its about. But this was one hell of a movie related to sports, which is highly recommended for all sportsperson, it has everything team spirit, importance of training, equality for women, there is life beyond Cricket and some amazing film making. Chuk De India, is a movie on how a rag tag Indian women's hockey team, coached by a disgraced ex-hockey India captain, wins the world cup. Its one movie which I hope to watch a few times. The only other sports film which I really like is Goal (English movie).


Pramod said...

Hi.. I'd like to introduce myself as Pramod from Timing Technologies. We have been timing all major marathons using the Chip, the last being the Sunfeast 10K run and the next being the one in Delhi in the month of November. Your blog looks good and has gr8 info. Keep updating us..

Girish said...

Thanks Pramod.

Keep me posted about any event that you guys are doing, I would be happy to post details about it on my blog.