Thursday, August 30, 2007

Great start to a new week

Could not have asked for anything better after a horrible last week. I took the first to day of the week easy, actually I was lazy. But the last two days have been good and did 7.5km runs on both days in a decent time of 43-44mins. Hope to do another 7.5km run tomorrow, which will make it the first time when I have successfully done three successive 7.5km runs. Now I just need to top it off with a good long run on Sunday. It will then setup the stage for my long 13km weekday runs to work, which are scheduled for September.

I have been doing some free hand exercises for strengthening the upper body and thighs, so that should also help during my long runs.


Movie Mazaa said...

All the best for the grand event!

girish said...

Which grand event are you talking about, am I missing something Mr. Mazaa?