Sunday, August 19, 2007

Some gems from the ladakh trip...

For more pictures on the ladakh trip visit www.greattibetanmarathon.blogspot.com These are some of the best....

The Thiksay monastery near Leh

Buddha at Thiksay Monastery

View from Thiksay Monastery

Both side along the Indus are extremely green, but everything else is completely barren

Dhabhas long the Manali-Leh route


Indira said...

oops posted my comments for this section on the previous section.please see em.

Girish said...

There are lots more, you need to check the greattibetanmarathon.blogspot.com blog.

SAK said...

Hey Girish, saw all the pictures. Beautiful pictures. The Thiksay Monastery and the Buddha at the Monastery are splendid. It was a wonder to see the tough and rugged terrain, the bridges that made up the path of the Marathon.

Girish said...

thank SAK, hope you have checked the pics on greattibetanmarathon.blogspot.com
tons of pics there.