Thursday, August 16, 2007

Successful Freedom Run

I had a very bad evening before my freedom half marathon run (Deonar to Babulnath, for those familiar with Bombay), nothing was going right, could not find some running accessories, slept late, realised that I had forgotten some important stuff at work, had lotsa work to catch up with.... I got up earlier than required as was a little stressed out. Was almost contemplating to abandon the Freedom run, but did not allow these thought to affect my plan, and I managed to start on time at 7.00am (scheduled start time).

Started off well and things were starting to look better and at the 6km mark a guy riding on a motorbike asked me if a marathon was going on (his words were Marathon laga hai kya?), I was almost tempted to ask - how did you know that?, but decided to give him one big wide smile. Those words made by day. And after that it was one smooth run, perfect rhythm. I could have gone on and on and on... The icing on the cake was a drizzle during the last 500meters of my race. Managed to do the 21km odd run in about 2hr 4mins, could not have asked for anything more.

Some other things which made the run special was the way Bombay was celebrating independence day. The patriotic spirit was everywhere, another refreshing changes was the use of patriotic songs everywhere (there were no remixes here, only original stuff), across some 8-10 flag hoisting procedures which I witnessed during the way. Most festivals in Bombay have been fully commercialized and would be usually accompanied by remixed songs and remixed bhajans/prayers, which is very disappointing. It was refreshing to see that this phenomenon had not touched independence day, I hope it stays this way.

Today I also registered myself for the Hutch Delhi half marathon, which takes place on October 28, 2007. I do not intend to prepare for it, but incase I am in Delhi during that time, I plan to run in it and not otherwise. So I thought it might be a good idea to register myself, incase I happen to make it. I can't really run a fast half marathon. The difference between my half marathon distance in a full marathon and a half marathon is negligible, just around 7 minutes or so, plus I don't feel motivated to actually work on improving my timing for it. I enjoy distances which truly challenge me and a full marathon is the bare minimum, Ultra marathons would really challenge me..


Indira said...

Hello Girish,ok am waiting for the ironman to be challenged with the ultra M.Very interesting to read about ur run on Independence day.Almost as if one was there feeling things.
I wonder how u get to know of these runs ALL the time?
Plus is the traffic not controlled during ur run?One fella managed to accost u during the run.
Also such runs as u had today are not publicized outside of Bombay on news channels..especially when the M is on?

girish said...

Thanks a lot. Hope to organise a run someday with more participants!! That should attract more attention.

beanz said...

Sounds like a great run

we have a large Indian and Pakistani community here in Derby - we have had celebrations here too :>)

Indira said...


Manjari Sharma said...

NIce - beautiful images from Ladakh. May be someday I'll be able make a portrait of you at moments after you complete a run.

By the way remember Sucheta right? Her mom was involved in the making of chuk de in a very big way.
She has been a big part of Chuk De press conferences all over Bombay, pretty cool eh! I haven't seen the movie yet but everyone is certainly raving about it. Getting ready to watch a beautiful movie called Dancer in the Dark, it features Bjork - its independent - Director Lars Von Trier

Here is a review if you are interested. ....

Experimental, jarring, beautiful, 8 October 2000

Author: pray4mojo from Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Dancer in the Dark haunted me. This film was an amazing view into the human mind as well as a tragic story of hopeless hope, betrayal by others, and still remaining true to yourself. Bjork produces an inspirational performance, of which one would never think she is not primarily an actress. Some of her moments in this film bring you to tears with their absolute honesty. It is spiked with moments of surprise that knock you so hard, you are pulled back in immediately. With an incredible closeness to these people, Dancer in the Dark will make you think and stretch your emotions to the limit.