Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rajasthan Thar Desert Run 2009

We now have another Multi-stage ultra marathon in Rajasthan, December 24-30, 2009. This is in addition to Great Indian Desert Multi stage ultra marathon, from September 7-13, 2009.

The details of the Rajasthan Desert Run 2009 are as follows -

Globe Racers’ Professional, Indian Rajasthan Thar Desert Run is a 5 day, 210K (~130miles), endurance race. One of the first in the Indian subcontinent, it is designed to test your strength, and offers Royal cultural experience, while you stay at Palace Hotels, which are earlier residences of Rajasthan Royal families, at the end of each gruelling day.

When: December 24, 2009 – December 30, 2009

Registration: Before September 15, 2009
Race Fee: $2000 for foreign nationals, Rs.50000 for Indian nationals
Payment at the time of registration: $1000 for foreign nationals, Rs.25000 for Indian nationals.

Contact: Kavitha Kanaparthi: +91 98454 00158 (or) +1 989 796 4231 kavitha@globeracers.com or Ram Sethu: +1 336 255 0937, rams@globeracers.com

For more details visit - www.globeracers.com

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New found love for cycling

I could never have imagined, I have now started to like cycling. And I owe a good part of the credit to me joining www.cyclist.in and meeting some serious cycling enthusiasts.

Over the last few weeks (well months now), I have done a 50km cycling trip to Khargar. Gone a trip to town, actually managed all my travelling for one full day exclusively on the bike, clocking about 65kms and this included a big chuck through city traffic (which was extremely stressful) and a night biking trip which had its own charm and hurdles, plus done a critical mass cycling event.

Critical mass cycling event is a meet very like minded cyclists meet up and cycle some distance in city traffic (in the case of Bombay its Saturday evening, but usually its Friday evening in most other countries), highlighting their claim over the road in a nice and peaceful manner.

Cycling is lot less stressful and enjoyable if done in a group (well atleast a 2 member group), plus its a lot safer. Running I continue to like doing on my own, and having a companion makes things complex and difficult, as its difficult to adjust to someone else's running speed.

Month of catching up..

Its been one interesting month, I have been running about 45-50k a week for the last one month. Its been stable, but I have not been able to push things up. The good thing is that I have been able to add some swimming or cycling once a week, during the last four week, which has meant cross training is happening and I am able to stay injury free.

This week has been good so far I did three runs of 11k during the week on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and hope to top it off with a 20k tomm, if I can get everything right. Plus, I also did a 700meters swim today.

Its been twitter all this while and once I update things on it, it sort of becomes difficult to write a detailed account on the blog. Tweeting is so quick and instinctive, where as blogging continues to remain a planned activity. And the plans keep getting postponed ;-)

Paramount Airways Inflight Mag article with my comments & interview on distance running

Finally a post after almost a month. I seem to have run out of excuses for not being regular with my posts :(