Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend retreat run

Its been a few very eventful days. It started off with my first run to work on Thursday, I did the 13.5km run in about 1hr 20min. It was quite refreshing and adventurous and I look forward to making it a regular feature.

After that I was off for a weekend break to Baroda, I was hoping to run on both the days but managed to do it only on Sunday, did a good 12km run in about 1hr 10mins. After the run as I was cooling down and stretching and getting ready for my tender coconut snack, I had one of the guys (who was walking in the park, who was about 30years) come up to me, asking me how I was just going on continiously for over an hour running. Its always nice to feel special, decided not to give him a preachy explanation and just gave him a very big thank you smile (the commment was quite understandable as I have never seen anyone run more than a kilometer in the park).

Everything went off perfectly, except for a minor calf injury. So now will have to rest for a couple of days and then get back to my long weekday runs.


beanz said...

pleased the work run worked out

keep going!

Girish said...

Yes its going well, hope it stays that way...