Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I had a good 13k run in some perfect weather, perfect way to start a holiday. Not exactly perfect for most, as it was raining more than half the way, but I could not have asked for anything better for myself. I did the run in about 1hr 16mins, which is quite good given that this is the first time I am doing two 10+km run (17k and 13K) in quick succession. The most important run will be on Thursday when I hope to do another 13k run, my first office run.

That should set me up for some well deserved weekend break away from Bombay. Looking forward to running outside Bombay over the weekend.


beanz said...

good I am pleased that one went well.

Enjoy your weekend away.

Girish Mallya said...

Yes, had a great time. Waiting to start running again.