Saturday, September 15, 2007

Long weekday runs continue...

Did my second office run on Thursday, did the 12.5km distance (it was shorter than the earlier one as I was experimenting with a shorter route) in about 1hr 23mins, which is quite good given that I was recovering from a minor injury. Don't think I will take this route again, at the traffic tends to be a little too fast for my liking, even though the road is lot broader and is minus potholes and parked cars.

I followed it up today (Saturday) with another 15km run in about 1hr 30min. Hope to finally end the week with a 20km run. Which should take the Week's mileage to 48km. So with one additional long weekday run, I should get to the 60+km a week league.

It was nice to see festive spirit in Bombay on my Saturday run, it was a holiday in Bombay as people were preparing for the Ganesha festival. I was also cheered by lot of people which I was running, always nice to see that.

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