Sunday, September 16, 2007

As planned I managed to do my Sunday run, did about 20km in about 1hr 55minutes. This was my first run from town to Shivaji Park, as I had stayed over at a friends's place in Town. So I took the longest possible route to get to Shivaji Park, ran the entire marine drive stretch, worli sea face and Cadell road. The run was quite effortless and would have done a lot more.

My legs are feeling a little stiff after two continuous days of running, hope the recover in time for my Tuesday run, failing which I will have to postpone it to Wednesday. The only thing which is worrying me is if my shins and calves can get used to the higher workload quickly. Will need to keep a close watch, to ensure that I don't over train.


beanz said...

sounds good

Girish Mallya said...

Yup and it keeps getting better...