Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quick update..

Last week was quite hectic and eventful. Managed to do two runs during the week of 4km and 5km each respectively on Thursday and Friday around Ulsoor lake in Bangalore. Its a very nice place to run, as you get a decent mud track and its good enough for a (upto) 1hr run.

The Sunday run was super special, I managed to do a painfree 12.5km run from Home to Shivaji Park, the first one in about 5 weeks. I could have continued running but did not want to push myself, as this was my first long run (after a long time).

But the thing which really made it special was when one of the Autorickshaw (Tuk Tuk) drivers came up me and asked me why I was late for my run. I have been running on this route on Sundays for the last 5 years, so it would not be really surpising for them to have noticed it (but it definately made me feel special)

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