Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chugging along

Its was both interesting as well as a hectic week, especially with the traveling thrown in. Thankfully this travel was refreshing, thanks to some super fine weather and fresh air. I also managed to do two uphill runs on Wednesday and Thursday. Managed 3km and 4km runs respectively.

I followed it up with a run today, did a 7.5km run. I wish I could have done more, but am yet to get back to normal, which appears quite far away. So till such time I will keep chugging along and manage with run&walk routine anytime I am doing more than 7km runs (as I need to make the most of what is possible).

I also managed to pick up a wonderful Puma ultra runners backpack during my recent travels. Its fits me perfectly and can store quite a lot of things. Sadly I have not been able to use it during any of my runs, as I am not doing any 13km+ distances. This again will have to wait till I am able to restart my runs to work.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girish, I had sent a commemt on your posting of the video using YouTube, it seemed it went through but it does not show on the comment section of your blog. Don't know what happpened. Good job on the video !!!! SAK
Had to use anonymous as that was the only option I could use.

Girish said...

Hi, I had read the comment. But, there was some problem with the posting and could not solve it, so had to delete it. Thanks.