Sunday, February 10, 2008

Complete break..

After a long time I have had a complete break from running (esp. the Sunday run), actually its also been a complete break from any sort of exercise. Lots of work to catchup on, so everything else has been put on hold. Actually the break will do me a lot of good. Next two weeks is going to be a lot of travel, but I hope to catchup on some running during next week, though these runs will be shorter (5km runs).

The weather in Bombay continues to be very pleasant. The minimum temperature is around 8degree Celsius and the maximum temperature is around 24degrees, both are 8degrees below the normal temperature during time of the year. The biggest surprise has been the day temperature, which never dips so low, it never really goes below 28degrees. Great weather to run (actually its better for just lazing), and its likely to continue like this for the next week or so (though the temperature is likely to go up gradually). Its a very rare sight to find so many people wearing woolens during the day in Bombay.


beanz said...

The break will do you good

Girish said...

Thanks. Don't really have much of a choice...