Sunday, February 03, 2008

Running with an injury...

I decided (and managed to) to run on both Saturday and Sunday, managed to do about 10kms on Saturday (I ran to BKC from my house) and did about 8km on Sunday. My Saturday run was more eventful as I started at 11am in the morning, thanks to the wonderful weather continuing in Bombay. My injury continued, and the pain started after the first 6kms on Saturday run, the Sunday one was harder as it started 3kms. The pain does not seem to disappear anytime soon (I seem to be talking about it on almost every other post, but don't seem to have done anything to cure it. So far its been all talk and no action). The reason I seem to be dragging my feet (literally as well), is because I have time on my side, my next marathon/ultra is still far away (well its not even been decided).

Got to know about some ultra/multi-stage ultra which are taking place in India, there was one ultra in Himalayas (around Sandakphu) a 100mile run over 5 odd days (took place Oct/Nov 2007) and there is one coming up in Rajasthan. I am yet to find out more about them, will post as soon as I get more inputs.


Amit Singh said...

Excellent Blog Girish; and some impressive running experiences. I was wondering if you knew of any running club in mumbai? I run by myself, but find it difficult to improve performance. Was hoping a running club would help. Thanks -Amit

Girish said...

Thanks Amit. To the best of my knowledge there is no running club in Mumbai. The only place you will find runners (or sorta small groups) would be at local gyms (Talwarkars, Gold Gym and Neena Mongre) but they would do regular road running only around the Mumbai marathon.
There is a group of runners who run around Aarey Milk colony Goregaon, one runner who runs at race course, then there was one who is in south Bombay who was looking for fellow runners. But no organised effort. After each marathon there is a lot of talk about starting running clubs but nothing takes off, guess Bombay does not have much of a running culture (plus there aren't any big parks or areas to run, not many people are willing to run on highways (with traffic)).

sandhu said...

Take it easy Girish.. you gotta recover from this injury rather than make a permanant feature..but guess you know best.

There seem to be a lot of regular runners at race course..at least in the morning..and it is amazing that *all* are back running.Going by your comments looks like this is the biggest concentration in mumbai and I know many running teams (railways,police some distts.) practice here every morning.
Was spking to a regular on fri.. he was preparing for a S.Africa, ultra..had run 38k on thu(starting at 4.00am),had already run 21k on fri when I caught up with him at 7.00 am in race course where he was topping it off with a few rounds there.This after having run the Mumbai full(5 hrs).Amazing commitment.

Running is really catching on..but like you said no running clubs or like,just individuals mostly.

Girish said...

Thanks Sandhu. Yes, I guess its only a few committed runners doing things on their own. The railways, police runners would be professional runners (3hrs guys), difficult to relate to them if you know what I mean.

So an occasional run seems possible with a fellow runner but nothing regular.

chingu pingu said...

hi girish,

your blog is interesting. why is it only about running? why not swimming, cycling, jumping, skipping, flying, hopping, diving, and leapfrogging?

-chingu pingu

Amit Singh said...

Read some older posts on your blog; very inspiring to seem so much running enthusiasm. Which are your favorite routes?

I'm a casual runner, and love worli sea face - the side of road opp. the promenade. I've tried race course, but find it a little crowded. 5 gardens is ok, but also crowded. Good for walkers though. Shivaji Park is too crowded, I think. I wonder about Carter Rd, never run there, its a little far from home.

Also, was wondering if you had advice about shoes. Which model, and where to buy? I'm actually thinking of replacing my overused mizuno's (Japanese brand) with Bata, Power - felt like trying Indian brand.

Girish Mallya said...

Thanks Chingu for your comments. Will need to learn the sports mentioned by you, before I blog about them. But till then it will have to only be running..

Girish Mallya said...

Thanks Amit. My favorite places to run are Colaba woods, Marine drive, Joggers park, Priyadarshani Park (PDP) and Shivaji Park in that order. Of these only Colaba woods and PDP has a mud track.

Its difficult to recommend a particular brand. I personally prefer Adidas, as their cushioning technology suits me better. But, this is different for each individual. I would not recommend going for Power from Bata, as they do not have any running specific shoes. Reebok, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Puma are obvious choices (as they have a decent presence in the Indian market).

Anonymous said...

Girish - good to see your blog and the enthu.

After years and years off the tracks because of injuries I started running this month. Realize that Mumbai is not very friendly to running - not enough tracks - hope that improves.

Amit asked about good running shoes - I recently got the Nike Air Structure Triax 10+ - Excellent running shoes! Works well for me considering that both my ankles are fractured. Of course you should get what works for you. Would be good if you researched the web on what to look for when buying running shoes.
Try the following:
Pretty good article on running shoes.

has pretty good reviews.

In Mumbai, the Phoenix mall has all the shoe shops - Puma, Nike, Reebok/Addidas and a few others. I'd bet on Puma/Nike for a good running shoe.


Girish Mallya said...

Thanks Vinoo for your comments, you are spot on - There is no one perfect shoe brand or shoe for everyone.

Hope you are back to running on a regular basis. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

hi girish,

Have recently taken to running and planning to compete. Looking forward to the mumbai marathon in 2010. Wanted to hook up with fellow enthusiasts in mumbai to train. Do suggest clubs if they exist, or what a budding runner should do if not.