Sunday, January 27, 2008

Super Bombay weather

Did about 11kms today in a little under 1hr 3minutes. It was quite smooth, though had to put in some effort after the first 5kms. The best part of the run was the weather, this is the best weather I have seen in the last few years, this Saturday was the coldest day in the last 40 years and was the main reason for making the run effortless. And I started at 9.00am for my run. And on Saturday I did the second 3km run after coffee at 12noon, absolutely unimaginable in Bombay. Global warming seems to have some positive impact for Bombay.


Hormaz said...

Hi Girish,

Just read your post on the mumbai marathon, well done as it was a great effort after the gruelling run at the Ultra. i have closely observed your posts and have been marking your marathon timings as well and was curious to know a few things about your running.
1. from the time you have started running these long ones, have you ever set a target for yourself.. i mean to achieve an all time best or may be a 3.30 hr target and do u keep that in mind every time you start your run.
2. secondly does one (a seasoned runner) tend to improve upon his/her timings race after race?
3. doesnt it get frustrating if the above doesnt happen.. i mean completing the marathon is one big thing but does one tend to(may be has to) get competitive and check on timings and other stuff..so how do u cope up with such things?
my questions may sound completely amateur and pls ignore them if u feel so..
all the best in your future training & efforts.


Girish said...

Hey Hormaz you are always welcome. To answer your questions -

1. Ideally I would recommend following a training routine. I followed the standard one which appeared on the Mumbai marathon site for the first year and as I got to know my body better, starting creating my own schedules and targets. I have had injuries all through (due to lack of muscle strengthening & cross training) and I am flat footed. So I know the best I will ever be able to do is about 3.45hr. I am better at doing longer and more endurance related events (ultra, multi-stage ultra & triathlons). So we need to realise our strengths and limitations and plan accordingly.
2. Your timing is mainly a function of your training and how you feel on that particular day. So if one is a 5hr plus runner, you would tend to improve over a period of time, but after a while you would plateau and then you need something really special to improve your timings(including specialist training).
3. Don't run purely for time, you have to enjoy running and only then will you be sustain it over many years. Don't give timing too much of importance, lot of runners do that and it’s not healthy (literally as well). Take up other endurance sports, swimming, cycling and excel at those as well (trust me it’s quite easy), if you are getting obsessed with timings. For me training and the pleasure from running regularly is higher than the timing in a marathon. I use timing purely to help me plan my run and to bring some extra excitement.
Keep the good work going and enjoy your run, that is very important.
Best wishes.