Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Its 2008 ...

Had a very nice pleasant start to the new year. Some early dinner with friends, some super lavazza coffee (accompanied by an eventful power shut down in that part of the town - guess it was due to power surge thanks to new year celebrations) and followed some amazing red wine.

The only thing which I will miss is a super soothing long run tomorrow morning. I guess I will have to wait for another 4-5days to restart running. But I hope to use the time to do lotsa free hand and muscle building exercises, which would finally culminate in some swimming.

Hoping to celebrate the new year with a sub 4 hr marathon, my long cherrished wish. The only thing I need is an uneventful first 20km on Januray 20 and my mind will take care of the rest.

I also hope to blog more regularly in the new year... The start has been good. Hope to keep it up.


beanz said...

Happy New Year!
May it be a good one for you.

Girish said...

Thanks a lot. Wishing you a very happy new year too. Cheers.

gopi said...

wish you happy new year Girish!!

May you stay healthy and run longer.....


Girish Mallya said...

Thanks Gopi. Wishing you the same.