Saturday, January 05, 2008

Back to running

It was nice to be running again, after a weeks rest and medication. It was a tough run and it felt as if I was running after a very long time. Did a distance of 11kms in about 1hr10min, it was a tough laboured run.

I did face some aches and pains during the run, as my body was getting used to running again, but the big test will be tomorrows run. If it goes well, I am back in business, else its going to be another big struggle preparing for the Bombay marathon. I badly need some good runs under my belt, before the marathon, else sub 4 is going to be one distant dream. I hope to supplement tomorrows run with a swim. I haven't been able to manage the planned swims due to hectic work related schedules.


Anonymous said...

I have recently moved to Mumbai and am struggling big time to find suitable places for running. I am currently planning to start 5 am runs around Bandra (where I live). Are there any better places or even running groups??

Jan Esbech said...

Not used to blogging so apologize for the anonymous comment. I can be reached on jan.esbech@yahoo.com if needed

Girish Mallya said...

Welcome to Bombay. In this weather 5am is a bad idea, the smog levels at that time are high. Try and start at 7am during the winter season, if your schedule allows.

Bandra is a good area to jog, carter road and joggers park are obvious options. Not sure what sort of distances you do. The other options are to run around Shivaji Park (1.1km at Dadar) and Priyadarshani Park (Walkeshwar).

There are no running groups in Bombay, the only option is to join a gym (Talwarkars and Gold Gym are good options), where you might find some likeminded people, but no serious runners who would run, round the year.

Thanks to Bombay marathon, you will find lot of people running around Bandra. Do come for the Mumbai Marathon on Jan 20.

sandhu said...

Hi Girish,

Hope yr legs back in form.I am running the half..still not up for full.Trying for a 1:50 but looks tough.
Think we should cross at 5-6k mark will see if can spot you ;)

Also for Jan E- Mahalxmi Race course - best run in city 2.2k mud track.
You shld try this too Girish..let me know if you plan morning run.