Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to back swims

I followed up yesterday's 1.3km swim with another one today. Did the same distance in about 38minutes. Todays swim was also effortless. I have always loved water and when I am the only person in the pool, it makes things really special - feels like a private pool. Love the winters for swimming as the water is nice and cold, plus it keeps most people away.

I don't plan to run before the marathon, might do one more swim before the marathon. I also plan to revert to my earlier shoe, as I have a feeling that the new Reebok Road running shoe is not suiting me, the cushioning technology is different and maybe not as good as my Adidas Nova.

Temperatures are starting to rise in Bombay, so I also picked up a new pair of sun glasses. Jan 20, Mumbai marathon is going to be hard, so want to have as many things to help me as possible. I will be wearing my baseball cap, sun glasses, waist pouch with a bottle of gatorate & another one in my hand (hope to get the third one from a friend who is coming to see me at the 32km mark). In addition I will carry 4 powergel energy gels, one Granola bar and will have a sugary energy drink (Edge) after the race. The only thing I need now is to be injury free at the start of the race (will keep my fingers crossed for it and will hope for some divine intervention!!).


Bradwellboy said...

Hi Girish, Many thanks for the best wishes and glad that you are feeling a bit better after the swimming. I am the same with little or no running before the mara. I have had all the bugs going here in the last few weeks and are working on the theory that rest is the best way. Save all my energy for the mara. I too will carry SIS (Science in Sport) Go Gels and an ISO energy drink. (I do not normally use them over here as I run a mara with the brand they give away). With regards to shoes the cushioning technology and other aspects in different in all brands. I train in 3/4 brands Reebok/Saucony/Brooks/Nike (all about 420 grams)and run maras in a lighweight pair of Sauconys (260 grams)I never got on with Adidas found them to be a bit narrow and could feel the medial post down the middle of the shoe. I ran my first mara in London 05 in 4.02 and set my heart on breaking 4.00 and then 3.30. Broke 4 with ease but had to have 3 attempts at 3.30 Cardiff 3.31 (05),Rotterdam (06) 3.34 Eindhoven 3.28 (07). I finally did it by changing my training regime from lots of miles (quantity) to less miles (quality). I did this with the aid of Daniels Running Formula by Jack Daniels PHD. He is a running coach guru and trainers like Hal Higdon/Bud Baladaro live in his shadow. You should give it a look.
I am sure you will sub 4 shortly
Well we fly Tuesday night and the nerves are really building up and I am sure will get worse towards the mara, but like my other maras (this is my 5th) I have learned to run to the conditions on the day so I will see whats its like and go from there. thanks for listening to my rants it helps with the nerves.


girish said...

You are always welcome.
As regards shoes, running is in its infancy in India, so there isn't much selection (and its restricted to Adidas, Reebok, Nike and New balance, no other brand of running shoes are available).
Since I primarily run on concrete roads. I need shoes with veyr good cushioning, everything else is secondary. So, light weight running shoes are a no no for me.
Pl. note that the entire route will be hard concrete and not asphalt.
And yes it would be best to carry your own energy drinks.