Sunday, January 13, 2008

Traffic spike

I have been wondering for the past few days about why there has been a sudden spike in traffic to my blog over the last few weeks. I could not find an answer, as I had not done anything different, maybe frequency of my posts had gone up marginally. But, today while watching a TV talk show program which discussed blogging, I realised it must be through search.

So I Googled "Mumbai marathon blog" and viola my blog appeared no.4, this along with the upcoming marathon, resulted in a spike in traffic. I need to start incorporating labels (keywords) to help improve my ranking on search results.


Bradwellboy said...

Hi Girish
I am surpised it took so long to figure out. But can I tell you something - Google - Mumbai Marathon 2008 and there are a good few blogs - but most have done the dream - respect - some have done the half - more respect . and then in short supply less have done the mara - big respect. But how many have done FOUR and are heading for a FIFTH - In India poss a very few - outside India
No Chance (someone prove me wrong).
So you are a goldmine of info (YOU prob know more then Hugh Jones Race Director)
he just sets it up you ran them all. As they say Fail to Prepare - Prepare to fail, the info you have is invaluble to runners especially someone like me who comes to India for the first time for any purpose let alone to run a mara so BIG respect. Hey no pressure but would be great to get together some time before the race for a chat (and a Chai) We always try to meet up with local runners whenever we go to mara.
we are in Hotel Residency
26, Corner of D.N. Road and Rustom Sidhwa Marg, Fort,
Mumbai 400 001, Maharashtra, India. Tel: (+91 22) 22625525,
my mail,is pg.evans@tesco.net
We will get a mobile as sson as we get to Mumbai
Once again many thanks
Paul Evans & Mike Gallagher

Hormaz said...

Hey Girish,
its been long since i left a comment:) well honestly,i have been keeping a close watch on your blog & its interesting reading about all your mara experiences as well as the miles and miles of prep that you put in prior to each big one.. its kinda source of inspiration to me and yes has even got me into the habit of searching for mara related blogs:)even i viewed the program last nite pertaining to blogging in india and yes i completely agree with brad that you have more info/experince than any runner at this years SCMM. well done and keep piling on those miles :) well coming to my running front, i would say, am all set for the sundays 21k and am excited as well. i have had two long sunday prep runs coming into the mara on 20th; first being from andheri stn to parsee gym (clocked 2h19m) and yesterday i did the actual half marathon route (clocked2h12m) but was completely drained :( i plan to take rest this week, may be a short mid week run and then directly run on sunday hoping to complete in 2hrs (highly optimistic). Well even if i dont, its already a high, considering that i achieved all this in 3 months time without any professional help.. well thanks for penning down your race experiences and will keep int ouch.

- cheers& good luck!

girish said...

Hey thanks Paul for the nice words.
Look forward to catching up with you guys on the day of the marathon. Next few days are a little hectic for me and saturday I am meeting up with friends from Great Tibetan marathon for lunch (plus its a working day).
Am likely to come to the marathon Expo area on Thursday and will try and catch up with you guys after that depending on what time I finish. Email me your coodinates for that day on the yahoo id (ref my profile).

girish said...

Thanks Hormaz, its really encouraging to hear your comments and it makes blogging worthwhile.

Pl. take good rest, you might want to take the complete week off. A sub 2hr time is definately on, when you have 100s of runners next to you, its lot easier to run and pace yourself.

Bradwellboy said...

No Probs Will try to drop our mobile number here when we get one As I cannot get a link through Yahoo. If you get a chance call or text.

Paul & Mike

Girish said...

Sure will try and catchup, else will cya at the startline on Sunday morning.

beanz said...

Have a great run Girish

Viewer said...

Precisely how I came across ur blog. And am sure there must have a small trickle from this place http://mumbai.metblogs.com/archives/2008/01/mumbai_marathon_this_weekend.phtml were ur blog is referred.

To tell u the truth I was not sure if mumbai has any serious Marathon runners and was more than happy to find one who blogs too. Anyways all the best for the D_ Day

Girish said...

Thanks Beanz, hoping for the best.

Girish said...
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Girish Mallya said...

Thanks viewer. Nice to see links, it just encourages me to be more regular with posts. Looking forward to the Sunday run.

sandhu said...

Good Luck Girish,

Hope all recovered.Will see if can spot you.

girish said...

Thanks a lot Sandhu. Best wishes for your run. Enjoy.
Not really recovered, but will give it all I have got.

Megan Hall said...

Ha! I found your blog while searching for a reason my own traffic spked suddenly (a sports bra review I posted I think) but then it turns out I would love to add you to my running blogs blogroll! Best of luck...

Girish said...

Hey thanks Megan. That is so nice of you.