Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hard fought 5hr 23 at Mumbai marathon 2008

Todays Mumbai marathon was very hard for me and that is an understatement. The injury and the lack of training post Bangalore Ultra (did only two 10plus KM runs in the last one month).

The weather was just perfect (well by Bombay standards), it was more pleasant than what its been for the previous 4 editions. The arrangements made by Procam was better than ever before. Right from pre-race arrangements on raceday, during the race (water stations at regular intervals, thought there were too few toilets) and post race (speed with which timing certificates where distributed, medal and arrangements to sit and refreshments). The arrangements were just perfect to do a personal best.

With a lot of effort I managed to reach the 21km mark in 2hr10mins and after that it was all downhill, the next 21km took about 3hrs 15mins. But, given my condition, this was a fabulous effort and yet again I have someone to thank, I happened to meet a fellow runner Anand from Hyderabad, who gave me company till the end and we both combined very well and put in a mind blowing effort for the last 6kms, even though both of us very in really bad shape. Plus my friend from Pedder Road, who came to give me a chilled bottle of Gatorade at the 33km mark, which helped make the effort possible. Even thought the time achieved was disappointing, this was the most enjoyable and hard fought Mumbai Marathon, as I was able to manage it despite the fact that it was almost impossible for me to raise my right leg (thanks to the old nagging injury, which badly flared up at the 25km mark). The effort required for the last 15kms, was more daunting than what i had to put in for the 78km ultra.


beanz said...

well done - that is a great effort so soon after your ultra

and next?

Girish said...

Thanks beanz. Did not realise it was going to be so difficult.

Next is going to be breaktime, plus lotsa cross training. New year resolution is to stay injury free.

Nothing coming up for the next 9 months, will decide on the next event soon.

gopi said...

Congratulations!!! Girish. That was a good performance considering it after a 50 mile ultra.

It was nice to hear Anand accompnying you. He is a good companion for a long run.

Hope you will have a fine recovery and plan something big...

Happy recovery

Girish Mallya said...

Thanks Gopi. Looking forward to some well deserved rest. Ever imaged that this marathon is going to be so difficult, but it was a wonderful experience.

Looking for some new and interesting challenges.

Unmesh said...

Congrats Girish. Great feat. You have sowed the seed in me for the Pune Marathon coming up later this year. Have to start by finding a training guide.

Girish said...

Thanks Unmesh. Wishing you the very best. you might want to use http://halhigdon.com/ one of the more popular traning programs. Do listen to your body make minor changes as per your requirements.
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Heroic stuff Girish,

Though couldn't spot you ..ran the half in 1:56.Looks finally getting ready for a full this year..maybe Leh eh?
When I read this post,tell me how you decide continuing after yr leg is that bad at 25k.. were you quite sure there cannot be long term effect of really aggravating the injury..I ask this as a friend used to run 3:36 kind of marathons and had to give up running completely at 32 (back prob)..makes me paranoid to continue.So how do you know?

Again,great effort..I know how real hot it was at marine drive at 1.00 pm

Girish Mallya said...

Thanks for the kind words Sandhu.

Its never really very difficult to carry on at any stage, whatever the balance distance, as not finishing isn't an option. Usually what happens is that a person tries to run hard even after a injury and soon comes to a stage where its impossible to even walk. If you understand your body well enough, its easy to know what you can and can't do, almost all the time.

For me mentally its impossible to not complete a marathon. Most people run for a particular time (yes, having a time as a goal important good for training and planing a run, but nothing beyond that), so many runners give up mentally when they realise they are not going to be able to achieve their targeted time,(this happens after one has done a few marathons) and you realise your finish time by the 15km mark (give or take 5%)

Also one has good days and bad days while running, my injury problem and lack of adequate preparation (for the last 3 weeks leading upto the two runs) was similar for both the Ultra and Bombay marathon, but I was really lucky for the ultra and everything went my way. In Bombay the complete opposite happened, so it was actually a bigger challenge to do a shorter distance. I would anyday like to have my good day for a ultra than a marathon. So I really have no complaints, just need to train more smart (cross train) going forward.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Hats off to you for even attempting (let alone completing) a marthon so soon after the ultra. Many would not have the gumption to even try it but you did it anyway!!!
One thing you absolutely are not is a quitter. Keep up the good work and enjoy some well deserved time off! Post about Bombay city and your cross training efforts in the meantime...

Bradwellboy said...

Hey Girish

That was a maga effort after the Ultra and with an injury. Big respect to you. I enjoyed the mara but you are spot on with what you say ref start time. I said I would assess it on the day and decided to get to half way in about 2 hours actual 2.01 on the day and come home in 2.20 actual 2.25 so did 4.26 so pleased with my first mara in India. A t shirt would have been nice though as a momemto. Again well done. Ever fancy a mara in the cool of europe let me know.


Girish said...

Thanks GM. Lotsa conditioning coming up, to build overall fitness (and not just endurance). Will be writing about it in the coming weeks.

Girish said...

Nice to hear about your Bombay trip and that you had a good time. The weather in Bombay on that day was really good, could not have hoped for anything better.

Congrats on the well planned run. Its a super effort.

You might want to do the Great Tibetan marathon in Leh someday, its really exotic and very unlike a city marathon.

randomthoughts said...

Congratulations...another solid effort

Girish said...

Thanks Ganesh. Nice to hear from you.

meshweta said...

do you know whens the pune marahton?

meshweta said...


I want a spot at Mumbai marathon...but the spots have been blocked ...can you let me know if you know of someone who is not plannning to attend and has already reserved a spot