Friday, May 01, 2009

A good week but down again?

Last week was quite good, managed four runs as planned on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Did 11k on all these days days plus added a good 1km swim on Saturday after the run.

This week has been very different, Given the long weekend i decided to run on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, followed by Saturday and Sunday. But things turned out to be very different on Wednesday, I stepped out to run after my regular basic stretching on Wednesday morning and after the first four strides I felt intense pain in the lower neck region (where neck meets shoulder close to the top of the spine), so I walked for a few minutes and then tried to run again, and realised very quickly that this was something serious and had to immediately abandon the run.

Wednesday was a very painful day at work, it started to get worse by noon and then the intensity continued. This got me really worried, so I decided to call my regular sports injury ortho for an appointment. Thankfully he was able to squeeze me between his appointments in the evening. Doc told me that I was suffering from severe muscle spasm (minor tissue tear), so now I am on medication and pain ointment (7 day course). He also mentioned that this could be due to bad posture while sleeping the previous night or bad posture while using the PC for long hours (have a strong feeling its the former) and thankfully it has nothing to do with running. He also allowed me to start running as soon as felt better.

So I am still under pain but can make necessary neck movements. I am not able to run today, but if I feel better might give it a shot in the evening. I am keeping my fingers crossed, I badly need a run tomorrow morning (already starting to have withdrawal symptoms from run deprivation).


Peter said...

Hi Girish
just found your blog, having just moved to Mumbai from Chennai (am an expat ausstralian) and would love to get into some running there.
Of relevance to you is that I have just finished an IM triathlon (I see that's on your list of goals for 2010).
Would you be interested to meet up for a run and a chat about running and traithlon in Mumbai? Let me know.

Girish said...

Peter, Sure would definitely like to catch up with a fellow runner who is visiting/moving to Bombay (even without the carrot of IM Tri tips ;-))

Do let me know your coodinates in Bombay and we would plan a run or something on one Sunday morning. (my email id is available on my profile)