Saturday, October 27, 2007

Getting things back on track

This week has been a lot better for me. I managed to do my 3 weekday runs of 13km each. Did them in good time, about 1hr 20mins each. The only problem being my third run of the week, which was today, in addition to one on Tuesday and Thursday. This will mean I will have to do my Sunday run immediately, without a break. I need to do atleast a 25km run tomorrow, hope my legs handle it well. If I do that then that will be another all time high.

Tomorrow also happens to be The Vodafone Delhi half marathon. I had registered for it, but could not make it as it was too short a distance, given my prep for the ultra marathon. Plus life has been quite hectic, so another trip is definitely avoidable. This will be the first professionally organised marathon (or half marathon) in India, which I will be missing. Feeling a little sad and today I get a feeling that maybe I should have gone for the marathon, just to ensure continuity... but then one also needs to learn to move on in life.


beanz said...

Well done - keep it going

girish said...

Thanks. Its been good so far, Hope no injuries come up in the coming weeks.