Sunday, October 14, 2007

uneventful week...

This week has not been very eventful in terms of running. Managed only 34kms during the week. Did one 13km run during the week and a 21km run today. Todays half marathon distance was quite easy and effortless, mainly due to the weather in Bangalore, its so much easier running in this weather compared to Bombay. I did the distance in 2hrs 2 minutes. Humidity is so much lower, temperature around 25degree celcius, it felt completely effortless. I could have done a 42km run, if I had more time and hydration. Hope to do a short 7km run on Monday morning as well, to try and make up on some lost miles of the current week.

It always nice to have a break from running in Bombay, especially when the weather is so much better in the new city.


gopi said...

Hi Girish,

what you said is correct.It is comfortable running in places like BLORE and HYD compared to places like Mumbai and Chennai, with so much of humidity we simply get dehydrated.I had an experience running in Chennai,it was really difficult.

I'm really thankful for the supporting reply you have given for my comment.

You have mentioned something about the shoe which made me think again and again. Now I am using an Asics Gel shoe which I got it from my uncle who is also a marathoner in the US.The shoes were already used by him for a marathon.Even I used them extensively and I want to go for a new one.But I am confused as to which shoe to select.I know that much that I over pronate. But can you please guide me as to which is the best shoe to opt for in our market( the brand and shoe no. if you have). What shoe do you use? I can invest in them upto Rs. 3500 ot little more. At present the only option I have is to bye them in my city. Kindly, advise me in this regard.

Girish Mallya said...

you bet its easier in blore and Hyd.
As regards your shoes, you should go for new ones. I would suggest going in for Adidas Nova or Super Nova shoes, they cost around 5k, but if you go to a factory outlet you should manage the Nova range for about Rs.3.5k. Always go for the cushion range of running shoes from Adidas instead of the control range, esp. if you are into road running. Other option is to buy road running shoes from Reebok, if you have a factory outlet close by (only buy road running shoes). New balance is also a good option, they are more affordable, and you can check the review of the shoe on the net.

Given your budget, it would be best to visit factory outlets of the above mentioned brands and find good road running shoes. Buy them in the evenings and wear them for atleast 10mins before you take a decision (it should have good cushioning, don't bother about how they look!!)