Thursday, October 11, 2007

The 60K mark...

I was finally able to hit the 60k mark last week, did three 13k runs during the week followed by a 21k run on Sunday. This was my first 60k run, well maybe the second.

This week has not been so good, a hectic work schedule combined with some very severe cold, meant I was only able to run today. I did a 13km run in about 1hr 22mins. Some traveling coming up with over the weekend and next week is also likely to be packed. So will have to make time to manage a decent weekly mileage, which means sacrificing a little bit of my precious sleep. But, the travel will break the monotony of my regular run, so I look forward to it.

Will take a break again on Friday, as I have had a long day and need some rest, as the cold is still quite severe. Hope to do a long run on Sunday.


beanz said...

take care - don't be a slave to the schedule - listen to your body

girish said...

yes will do that. Thanks for the reminder.

jam said...

Hi Girish, i'll have to introduce myselves. This is gopi from hyderabad. At present I am training for Hyderabad half marathon which is scheduled for on november 25th.Though I have been participating in 5k's and 10k's since 3years its been a year I have become serious about running and now I am training for the half marthon.

When i was surfing the tibetan marathon site that i came across your blog and your postings are really inspirational and in a way very informative.Now i am frequently reading your new and old postings.Those are great.I feel proud and happy to see a Indian marathoner having a blog.

The schedule which I follow goes with the rule of 10% increase for 3 weeks and a gradual decrease. The last weekend I completed my 10k long run and I took 57 minutes.
Though there is a plenty of information available on various American based sites I still come across a lot of doubts regarding our food, runs on indian roads and many more.

I am 22 year old, will there be any problem if I involve in such long distance running? If any, will I have to take any extra precautions.I kindly request you to clarify my doubt because I hardly fing any runner in this age group and many of them age betw 30 and 35.And also learnt from some of the sites saying the muscle building stops after the age of 25. Will that be effected?

Girish said...

Thanks for the nice words for my blog. Will try and answer all your question, do let me know if you need further clarifications.

If you can do 10k run in 57mins (plus the fact that you have been running for sometime), and have about 1.5 months for your Hyd Half, you might want to aim for a time of about 2hr 15mins.

For training, try and run 4-5times a week, do a 5k run on weekdays and 10K or more on weekends. If you are finding it difficult to do longer long runs, supplement it with decent weekday runs, that should train you well enough for half marathon. The good thing about a half marathon is that its a lot easier than a full marathon, so you will have a lot of flexibility with your training runs. Do don't get worried if you are not able to strictly follow the training schedule which you might be following.

If you train properly you can do any distance, your age is not an issue (anyone past his/her mid teens can take up distance running).

Some things to remember while running in India. We usually run on tar or concrete roads, so investing in good shoes is very important and you need to replace them after say 800km or so. Avoid running in the night. Always face the traffic while running on roads. Try and start your runs early in the morning, to protect yourself from pollution and heat. Always carry water with you for runs beyond one hour and if running for more than 1.5hrs its better to carry Gatorade or electral with you (definately if you are doing more than 2hrs of running). Eat bananas or have high carb bars immediately after your long runs.
your muscles will not get affected with running, just have a good warmup and cooling down regime.
Most important Enjoy your runs.

GM said...

You are so thorough and patient answering questions... You make a great coach/mentor. Keep it up & good luck for the ultra marathon!

Girish Mallya said...

GM its my pleasure to answer these questions, as resources for runners and running conditions are very limited in India and the only way to manage Indian conditions would be through fellow runners.