Sunday, September 14, 2008

Awesome weekend...

I could not have had it any better. I did a 20km run today in 2hrs, after doing a 17km run yesterday, could not have done any better. This takes my weeks mileage to 61km, the best (yet)weekly mileage for the year. What makes it really special is that fact that I was planning it to be a low mileage week, as I am away from Bombay.

The main reason for this has been the wonderful weather in Baroda. Its rained in the evening on both the days, which has kept the temperature at reasonable levels, plus the fact that I had 6.30am and 6am starts on the two days. And yes it was quite humid by Baroda standards, which is usually quite dry.

I plan to take a break on Tuesday (my scheduled day of running), to celebrate this. But, will try and make up for the miles towards the weekend. I hope to do a 30km run next Sunday.


Rahul Verma said...

Great job! 2 long runs on consecutive days, you deserve a rest day. Your comment on drenching sweat has me concerned. I plan to do Mumbai Marathon in 2010. How are the general weather conditions at that time of the year?

urja said...

Hi. Wanted to know how to increase mileage running alone. In a group or with friends I am able to do 10 K but alonde even 5 k is a big task.

Girish Mallya said...

Thanks Rahul, both the runs felt good. Hoping for a another good long run this Sunday.

The general weather conditions in Jan are quite good by Bombay standards. The problem is the start time of 7.30am, so if you can do the run in around 4hrs or so it will be a lot easier, as the sun is quite hard after 11am. Humidity will be around 60-65% at that time.

Girish Mallya said...

Urja, this is a very common problem. This happens to me with swimming, if I have a good person to pace in the pool I can cover a lot more distance.

My suggestion would be to do more runs alone, you will slowly build your motivation levels and do longer distances. It will come with time. Also try listening to some music to distract your mind (do it only if you are not running on the streets/highway). Change your route regularly. Run in a park or area which has some serious walkers/runners (and you don't need to know them).

Its always easier to run in a group, and that is why we have running clubs.