Monday, February 09, 2009

Mumbai marathon update & post marathon ...

I just realised I had written one post on my Bombay marathon run but its disappeared.

So will just do a quick recap of the last one month. I had a decent Mumbai marathon on Jan 18, 2009. Managed a time of 5hr 23min, which was good given my preparation levels and recent injuries. Did the first half in about 2hr 11min (which is what I was hoping to do) but after that my lack of training caught up and then it was a lot of run and walk. I got a good tip from one Apollo Hospital medic on quick relief from chin splits during a run (more on that later).

Post marathon I took a weeks break and after that I have managed to run twice in the last week of Jan and managed four runs of 10-11k last week. So things are starting to pickup but will now need to get the Sunday run upto 15-20km.

And yes now I have a proper roadbike and it should be fun riding it. More on the bike in the next post.

Over the past one year I have not been regular with my blog, first it was Facebook addiction and now its due to Twitter. Do check my twitter profile and if you are already on twitter you could follow me there - www.twitter.com/girishmallya

Will work hard to be regular with my blog posts.


Anand said...

Hey runner...As a fellow marathon run participator (is there such a word?).. I wish u luck for ur future runs.
Blog more though. Do a run thru here as well. :-)

Girish said...

Thanks a lot Anand. Will be more regular, no excuses..

urja said...

hi girish,

a few of my friends who completed the enduro 09 want to know more about the triathlon you are preparing for. is it going to be held in india and when etc.. etc..


Girish said...

Havn't heard about enduro '09. Can you share more details.

I have not yet zeroed in on a place to do a Ironman Triathlon. Not really keen to do a Olympic Triathlon (half Ironman), unless its in India. No serious attempts at organising Triathlons in India so far.

urja said...


link for enduro 2009.

have seen a website called traithlon federation of india dont they organize anything ? friends and are more interested in something in india.

indrajeet said...

Is there any running club in Bombay, were ppl mmet and run in a group