Sunday, April 05, 2009

Weekend getaway in some really hot weather..

Managed 4 runs during the week, did two 11k runs on Wednesday and Thursday. Took a two day break, to Sula Vineyard Nashik and had a great time. This place is about 200km from Bombay, but its not muggy like Bombay, just plain dry heat. This forced me to hit the gym at Ginger Hotel, my first treadmill run in a long time. Running on treadmill is so easy, esp with the Aircon on ;-) Managed a 7k run in 40minutes (the equipment was really good, maybe coz its a new hotel). I completed the week with a very hard 15k run in 1hr 45, Stupid lazy me started at 8.30am in the morning and paid the price for it. I did a total of 44km for the week. It was a good lesson for me, I need to start at 7am in the morning on both work days and holidays!

I have a long weekend in the coming week, hope to stay in Bombay and catch up on Running and swimming. Need to get some good mileage in.


Moksh Juneja said...

this is very motivating and inspiring on your updates, will surely need to get on track.

On Sula: did you book yourself on the tour, you can just walk in there?

Girish said...

Hey Moksh, am sure you can easily managed that. Just be careful, try and finish or run/biking by 8am during these summer months (heat stroke is a definate possibility). If you are doing anything after 8am, do take electrol or Gatorate with you (its a must).

I don't believe in tours, unless its a paid PR junket. Just booked acco online, hired a car (unless you are very used to driving on the ghats & a narrow highway, take a tourist cab/taxi) and then just drooped in at Sula vineyard, they have really done a good job of the place. Do dropin at Tiger Hills Vinyards as well. Sula is definitely better, as evolved over the years. Tigerhills has just started out.

Quentin said...


I am a beginner/wannabe triathlete based in Bombay. I am looking at buying the basic equipment: Shoes, tri Shorts, and a beginner bike. Do you have a good address in Bombay or Delhi I can go to. Especially for the shoes. I am also looking for a beginner training program/schedule and a diet plan if you have any. Finally I am looking at doing my first race in the next 4 months. Any suggestion?