Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mumbai (Bombay) marathon 2010 registration open on July 9, 2009

Mumbai Marathon 2010 registration starts on July 9, 2009. The last day for registration is August 18, 2009 (or earlier if they finish the quota for each category). Please register early if you are planning to participate in the dream run, as that is the category which fills up first.

Official website for registration: http://scmm.indiatimes.com/
Mumbai Marathon 2010 will take place on January 17, 2010.

Entry fees Rs 500/- (including cost of disposable championchip) for full and half marathon runners. If I remember correctly till last year the champion chip was optional, but I guess this year its different. Dream run will now cost you Rs.300/-

Race Category Indian Applicant (#Overseas Applicant)
Marathon Rs. 500* (USD 35*)
Half Marathon Rs. 500* (USD 35*)
Dream Run Rs. 300 (USD 20)
Senior Citizens' Run Rs. 200 (USD 10)
Wheelchair Event Rs. 200 (USD 10)

* this includes the non-refundable cost of ChampionChip timing service being offered to all marathon and half marathon participants.


indavao said...

hi... just dropping by!

Girish said...

Not sure about the purpose of your visit. Don't think you can generate traffic this way (don't think this is a sound thing to do, even from a SEO point of view)

Pramod said...

yes this year we want to make timing mandatory for all participants though it was optional last year.

Pramod Kumar Manukonda
Timing Technologies India

Girish said...

Nice thought Pramod. I think its very important to have it compulsory for the full and half marathon.

Do keep us updated on developments at the Mumbai marathon

Anonymous said...

Hello. We are 4 French. Grrrrr, we have our plane tickets but not place for the marathon. What let us can be done, can you help us? cordially fany
( phanimeigne@yahoo.fr )