Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Am off for GTM, Leh

Was able to go for a 6km run on Monday but not on Tuesday, as had to catchup on a lot of things at work, before I left for my trip. But I hope to make up for it by running on Thursday in Manali.

My legs seem to be good shape and I am looking forward to my trip to Leh. After making some enquires I have found that I will be able to have mobile phone connectivity in this remote location. I hope this means I will also be able to have data connection (using gprs) and will be able to keep in touch with my emails and also to put up short posts on the blog, incase cyber cafe access is limited. I will try and post regularly on my blog, during the course of my trip.


Anonymous said...

Looks like connectivity did not work out as you had hoped. Have been checking your blog everyday since you left for Leh but no update. Do post when you get back.

Bedders said...

any news?

sandhu said...

Hey Girish,

Hope its going well(and as planned) and yes seems like bad connectivity or too much enjoying the mountains..
It must have been great weather in Manali.

Good luck on 21st.

beanz said...

It's today! So I hope it is going (has gone?) well

Girish said...

Thank you all for the wishes. I had a amazing trip and run.

Girish said...

I had no gprs on my mobile phone (leh only has voice & sms service), just accessing my gmail was an effort. So could not post anything during the trip.

Have written lots with pen & paper, and might post everything on a separate blog (over a period of time), along with all the pictures I have clicked on my camphone.