Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back in Bombay and running...

This week has been as I had planned it to be. So am quite happy with what I have done in my preparation for the marathon, plus as a bonus my thigh strain seems to have recovered.

Managed to run thrice during the week. Monday, Tuesday and Friday, managed to do 7.5km, 6km and 7km respectively. Including the 7km run in a hotel gym, did not have a choice as I was staying in the central part of the city and it would not have been possible to run outside and did not really have time to find a suitable place to run. But the hotel gym had a good treadmill, more importantly it was well maintained and worked smoothly.

I recovered over Saturday, with some peaceful 12hr sleep, after some hectic back to back traveling. And was in great shape for my Sunday morning long run. I started a little late, could afford it as the conditions were overcast (though no rain and humidity at a pleasant 70-75%). I did a good 20km run in exactly 2hrs, I could not have asked for more.

I hope to follow-up it up with a run on Monday and Tuesday, followed by a run or two in Manali on July 12 (one in the morning and another in the evening). I just found out that I will not be able to take the bus from Manali - Leh on July 12, as they ply on alternate days and July 12 is the day on which the bus does not ply. What this means is that I will have to take a taxi from Manali to Leh, and it starts at 2am in the morning and drives non-stop to Leh. The Bus journey is lot more fun as you have a overnight halt at some place in the middle. But, I really don't have too much of a choice on this.

I am all set to take my bus journey from Delhi to Manali (could not book it online as the site did not work properly), so will directly go to the bus station and book my tickets. From what I hear it should not be a problem getting one. So everything seems to be in place, but have still not got any confirmation on my bookings for Leh stay (my one day at Manali was in place about 2 months back), I hope to hear from my contact on Monday. Till then I don't really have a choice and will have to be patient.


beanz said...

ooh its nearly here!

good luck and enjoy

Girish said...

Yes. And given my condition over the last month or so, I could not have hoped for anything better.
Am just focusing on getting to the starting line and puting up a good show.

Bedders said...

Good luck. You sound in great form.

Mumbai Chi Mulgi said...

good luck :)

Girish said...

Thanks Bedders and MCM for the wishes.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the strong recovery and good runs despite your hectic travel schedule. Shows that you are dedicated to the Sport. When it is in your heart, nothing , absolutely nothing can shake your tree. Home strech buddy - You can do it! Go get them! :)

Girish said...

Hey thanks GM. Looking forward to my trip.

Indira said...

Yeipieeeee.I could open the blog to the latest date of entry today. All this while I ended up with the Jan. entry u c.
So I had sent u a congratulatory card instead. Hope u got that?
Wow and a double wow! U could have been a potential winner if u had not had to do the repeat running towards the end.
I wonder what bigger things u have in mind now after Leh?? Can we have a note on that?
By ze by the pics r lovely. Ur descriptions read better and better now...leaving us wanting to know more n more!!!! The vicious circle of writing never ends u c!
Iron man I wish i was there to cheer u. I am looking forward to some pics on Leh and the folk who live there. Well? Any close encounters to speak of...a stray dog; a thief ..he he he...sowwy couldnt resist that. Bye and regards. IPM.