Sunday, December 09, 2007

Testing times...

Its been a tough week. I have rested most of the week but am still not back to normal. Mid week I got on to a five day course of Vevoron SR 100, its a mild painkiller and anti inflammatory medicine. The rest and medication seemed to have worked quite well and I decided to go for a light run on Saturday for 6kms. It felt as if I was running after ages, but there was no sign of any strain (except for some mind pain on the joint near the outside of my right knee).

I followed it up with a light 11km run on Sunday morning, which should ideally have been a normal run, but to my misfortune the pain of day before flared up and I had to alternate between running and walking to complete it. Did the 11km run in about 1hr 20mins. So now i am trying everything possible to 'repair' the joint pain, in time for my ultra. I badly need to ensure that I start the run injury free. I might run once during the week, just to get back to running and get used to my new shoe.

So will need to take care and I guess just be patient (plus a little bit of luck would not hurt). I am mentally all there, but I guess it now going to be one big mental battle on Dec 16, it will be a 12hr expedition now. My only aim would be to complete it, irrespective of the time it takes.


gopi said...

Having prepared for a race, I can just feel the intensity of training for a 78k race.It must be a great challenge.

Yesterday I happened to spend some time with one of the main member of the organising team of the Ultra and who is also a senior level executive of GMR the event sponsorer and a marathoner.I was informed that the arrangements are turning up well and they are working for a sole motive helping runners complete the race and focusing on recognising the runners the right way.

Girish, I just need some kind of info. I just made up my mind to run the Mumbai HM. But it was a surprise to see that they have closed the online registration so early. So, is there any other alternative I can try to get registered.

Happy running

So, I have a great confidence that we all will stay healthy and enjoy the race.

beanz said...

Just came to see when 'it' is and now I know

Have a good day

Anonymous said...

Been keeping track of your prep and great going Girish..
Good luck and enjoy the experience.

Girish Mallya said...

Thanks gopi, beanz and Sandhu. Hoping for the best tomorrow.