Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick update

Last two weeks have been difficult. I have only managed 4 swims during this period, three 1km and one 2km swim. Manged good time of about 26mins per KM. In addition I managed 2 cycling trips of about 20km each.

I have not been running for the last two weeks, but have tried to walk as much as possible. Plus have been down with a cold and bodyache during this week. So basically everything that could go wrong did, but all this makes thing easier as it just takes the pressure off me. I just need to now go out on Sunday morning at 6.30am and just give it all I have got. Its going to test me fully for my future ultras and multi-stage ultras, as the last few weeks have ensured that I am under prepared for the the Sunday run.

I am looking forward to the run.


Rahul Verma said...

Good Luck! With your determination you will just do fine!

beanz said...

Just dropping in to say - hope you are ok.
I know Mumbai is a big place but I thought of you when I saw the news.

Girish said...

Thanks a lot Rahul.

Yes, Beanz all ok. Will write more later. Thanks.

sak said...

Hi Girish, opened the blog after a long time, as had computer problems. Hope you are recovered from the cold etc.

Girish said...

Thanks, am better now..