Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Post Bangalore Ultra

The same night (on the day of the ultra) I had to travel again and was out the whole week. The first couple of days where a little difficult (which is to be expected), and I had to work hard to walk normally. At the conference I met up with some very interesting people, including one who had done a Ironman in 2002 and another who was a short distance Olympic swimmer. To recover quickly, I did swim on most days (except the first day) and that make the recovery quicker and easier.

I had taken a two week break from running after the Ultra which sort of ensured that everything was back to normal before I started running again. I am still quite worried about the right outer knee pain/injury, which can reoccur when I attempt a really long run. So far I have not done anything more than 12km post Ultra. The only thing I can do is wait for the day of the marathon and find out. If it reoccurs on the day of the Mumbai marathon, I plan visit a doctor and get a complete check up done. My runs so far have been quite good (in December).

The first week of December I ran twice, the second & third week three times each. This week I hope to do four runs. All my runs in December (so far) have been between 10-12km each. This week I ran on Tuesday with 11K run run and hope to do a run on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Since Thursday is a holiday, I hope to do about 15km, followed by a 11k on Saturday and another 15k odd on Sunday.

This Sunday I might have to do another 5k in town after my regular run, as a old graduate school mate is trying to orgainse a informal run (with a small group, as we don't want to get hauled up for not having police permission!!) from NCPA to Chowpatty, to show his solidarity for the city. Hope he is able to manage it, though I am yet to receive a confirmation (on the run) from him. (with details on time & start point, plus number of participants)


Anonymous said...

Hey Girish,

Long time.. been out of town and also moved to SantaCruz area ..

As usual your awesome tenacity is amazing..

Well.. am running the full Mumbai marathon this time.. finally first full.:)

will def see you there unless you start later with the pros.


Girish said...

Its a common start. Am sure we will see each other, I usually come atleast 1-1.5hrs before start time at the venue... Hope to post quite a bit over the weekend on the blog.

Best wishes.