Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cross training..

Its been another good week, managed four more runs this week. I ran on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The distances moved up a notch too, managed 11km, 11km, 19km and 10.5km respectively, taking the tally over 50k for the week.

Saturday was special as I did my first run and swim combo, did 19k run followed by 1k swim. And followed it up with a 10k run on Sunday, am very happy with the quick recovery I was able to manage after the strenuous effort on Saturday.

Last sunday I had done 20k of biking followed by a 10k run and this week it was the swim and run, I have a feeling that this will help me stay injury free (relatively). Its the sort of cross training that I badly need. Hope to do more of it in the coming weeks.

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