Thursday, August 06, 2009

August 9, Mumbai monsoon mini marathon POA

I am planning to participate in the South Bombay mini marathon this Sunday. It starts at 6am in the morning, and given the fact that its about 30km from my house. I plan to cycle to my start point. To make this possible I will have to start from my house at 4.30am, so that I have enough time to make it (esp. given that I will have to use street lights to guide me). And if all goes well I hope to do a 1km swim after the run. This will help me create my own little triathlon. And yes after the whole thing is over, I will also have to cycle back home (another additional 30km).

All of this means I will be doing about 60km of cycling, about 12-15km of running (the exact distance is not known) & about 1km of swimming (if I am feeling really good, I might extend this to 2k). I will have to carry good amount of food & sports drink to replenish my salts (as the biggest hurdle I will face is not fatigue but cramps during to loss of salts). I will have to be careful about parking for cycle plus I will need to find a place to deposit my helmet at 6am in the morning (or actually run with it, carry it inside my hydration backpack)

I will be taking the next couple of days easy, plan to take tomorrow off to catch up with some friends who are in town, load up on carbs and keep myself well hydrated.


Sasha Gusain said...

That's quite something you attempted! Looking forward to read your next post about the experience.

Pramod said...

Good attempt.

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Girish said...

Thanks a lot Sasha. Comments like those make me feel really guilty about not blogging regularly. Do catch me on twitter - www.twitter.com/girishmallya I have live tweets from the day of the Tri.
I am very regular with my running and training updates on twitter.

@Pramod Thanks.

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nice article!

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