Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fitness apps on Apple Watch

I have been using the Workout (native app) and Runkeeper app on the Apple watch for the last five weeks (4runs a week). Workout app is a full feature running app and logs every possible parameter of your run. And the best thing about it is that it can log your run accurately even if you are not carrying your phone for the run (but you do need to initially pair and train the workout app to work independently). The huge negative about the app, its a battery guzzler, so if you have a three hour plus run planned its best to keep the HRM feature switch off (i wish they build a feature to manage the frequency/intervals of HRM logs, to preserve battery life, instead of having just an on or off button).

Runkeeper on the other hand is an absolute embarrassment, other than start and stop and yes save feature there is nothing to it. And it obviously cant be used without the phone (independently), so I don't really see any real compelling reason to use it. Another issue, if you start the app through the watch, you can't stop or pause it from the phone, which is very weird and inconvenient. So its best to not operate the runkeeper app from the watch, atleast that way you will conserve some much needed battery life on the watch.

I have been reading a lot of good things about Apple watch OS2 wrt fitness apps. You will soon be able to request Siri to launch workouts by instructing to start a 10km or 30minute run. Also 3rd party apps will be able to use some of the other data collected by your watch. 

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