Friday, October 23, 2015

Running injury management

I have been battling a running injury for the last 40days, it's a recurring injury, something which happpend mid last year. It was diagnosed as compartment syndrome, on the inside of my right shin.
Last year I managed to get rid of it by dry needling and deep tissue massage, to release the stress/pressure from that point and within a week, combined with icing I was pretty much back to normal.
I have more or less avoided running injuries all through my 15years of long distance running, by keeping my weekly mileage at 50km level, and taking it up gradually for short duration in preparation for some marathon or ultra marathon. All my runs tend to be in the 10-15km range.
After resting for nearly 35days, I had to restart running post some basic deep tissue massage from the physio as I could not wait any longer, I am registered to particpate in a race on Nov 8 and Nov 15, and both of them are back to back full marathons, so there was no way i could complete them within 6hours without building my running mileage base before the two races. So I am back to running again, trying to ice as often as possible, atleast 4 times a day and using a hand held foam roller to help release the pressure points (to the extent possible), things have not improved but the good thing is that its not deteriorated either, even after putting in a good number of 10k runs over the last one week.
I am keeping fingers grossed and managing with this work around, will share my results post race ;-)

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