Monday, June 23, 2008

Another week down..

I could not manage the planned run on Saturday. I did not really have a choice as I barely slept on Friday night, managed only 3 hours as I was having a blast on Friday night. The Sunday run was a late run, but managed the 10.5km run in about 1hr 9minutes.

Over all the week had some two very good runs and the weekend was a lot of fun. Looking forward to more such eventful weekends.

Am looking forward to tomorrow's morning run. Next week is going to have a bit of traveling so I hope I can stick to my running schedules. And yes, am waiting for the rains to return, am missing them big time.


Shahid said...

Hi Girish,

A late entrant to the joys of 'stamina & endurance' testing, I accidently ventured into jogging for pleasure in 2002 & finally was hooked to it. 36yo, having a large frame (5'11", 84+ kgs), I have been able to run a distance of 8kms in 52mins (my best so far). Lately I have been doing 5-6 kms, 4-5 times/week in 32-35 mins in really humid conditions. Based in Patna, I have really very few options for cross training. Planning to participate in a half-marathon, my first race of any kind, within the next 6 months. I am looking for suggestions/advise regarding good pair of shoes & marathon attire needed to make the run more comfortable & enjoyable. How many layers of clothing should one adorn (upper as well as lower) when going out for a 30-40 min jog in moderate indian conditions? Do you know of any good shop in delhi to stack up on marathon gears?
Please update me or send links to websites which have the complete intineray of half-marathons in India.

Shahid Akhtar

Girish Mallya said...

Buy a specialty running shoe from any well known brand, and that should do the job for you. If budget is not a problem look for specialty road running shoes or running shoes which have extra cushioning. (Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, all have launched good running shoes in India).

Buy any dri-fit/clima control clothing (shorts & singlet), any brand would do. Given the humidity levels in India, avoid wearing tights or T-Shirts (wear running shorts & singlet). Socks are very important, avoid cotton socks and wear mixed blend socks meant for running.

I would not recommend wearing anything other than the singlet & shorts, before, during or after the run.(except for winters)

I am sure CP would have enough brand stores to give you everything you need for running. (I am not aware of any specialty multi-brand store catering to marathoners in India)

http://aimsworldrunning.org/Directory.htm#ISL visit this link for all certified marathons. (including India)

Shahid said...

Hi Girish,

Have enough information now to work on it.