Sunday, June 01, 2008

Its been a regular week. Managed the regular 2 runs during the week. The first was on Tuesday, did a 10.5km run in about 1hr 10mins. This was the first time when my backpack troubled me, the weight was straining my upper back (so I need to add another element to my list of things to strengthen).

This Sunday run was one of the toughest in a long time, could not manage anything more than a 7.5km run. I started really late 9.30am, which is this weather is not the best thing to do, plus the fact that I have not been logging enough weekly mileage, ensure that I had to give up well before the planned distance of 11km.

So I badly need to increase my frequency of runs, what better than to start off on Monday morning itself. I only wish I can sleep early, which will be possible only if the IPL final is a one sided affair!

And yes, my bicycle is looking wonderful after a complete overhaul (well everything except for the original frame seems to have been replaced!). Not sure when I will start riding again, I can't see myself riding it in the traffic, so I will need to get up very early in the morning to ride it. Maybe get up early on a Sunday morning, cycle 20km and then do a 10km run. Seems like a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Hi Girish,

This is Siddharth from Bangalore. Had posted on your blog a while back too(enquireing how does one run while traveling on work....)

So besides your suggestion on that, I think I also owe you credit for inspiring me to increase my daily runs to 5km a day....in fact completed 10k in the Blr Marathon in 60 minutes...

Think I need some inspiration again...!!

...i've been down with a strained back(sufferd due to a small non-running impact) for the past 3 weeks and although the doctor and the reports confirmed it's nothing but slightly strained muscle, I've was advised to relax for sometime(until tomorrow)....so although there's no actual pain, it was staying away from running which was terrible!!!...Of course, it is of great comfort that the Doc is a leading sports medicine specialist and is part of the Runners for Life Community.

From you're earlier posts, its evident that you had an injury too...how did you go about the recovery process???..with reference to my case, it's more of dealing with the ego of running shorter distances initially (as advised by the doc)!!!

I'll be commencing my runs from tomorrow.....

Also any tips on staying fit in the meanwhile?


Anonymous said...

..and hey, apologies for probably having digressed from the original context of your post.


Girish said...

Congrats on your 10k Blore run, heard it was very well organised.

Yes, I am aware of this doc and he is a good one, he also ran the blore ultra.

You bet, distance running is incomplete without injuries (human body is not really designed for it). The only recovery method which works is rest, rest and rest.

You have to start all over again after an injury. Any injury which knocks you off by 2 weeks or more, you need to follow the 10% rule. Its very frustrating, but its the only way. Pl. don't rush, as that will lead to more injuries (very counter productive). If you are still keen to push yourself, go for a swim after your run.

Have a good warm up and cooling down routine for each run. In addition, do muscle strengthening exercises, esp. for back and legs and you should be more or less injury free.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Girish...yeah, think it's best to take it easy!

Oh yes, the Blr event was indeed well executed...except that there was a significant majority which felt that our 10k run should have been scheduled well before 9am...the heat sure pulled our timings back...but as they say... all's well that ends well!

Great, so you're aware of the doc too...yup, he's quite good and reassuring besides being a keen runner....

Hope to recover soon and get the rythem going....

Let me know your e-mail id/contact...always great to bounce off ideas and share thoughts with like-minded folks.

I can be reached on sidd_nam@yahoo.co.in