Sunday, July 13, 2008

Catching up over the weekend

The long weekend is almost over, which makes it two great weekends in a row. I also made up for the lost time by doing two runs in 16hrs. I did a 11km run today in about 1hr 10mins with my new pair. It took my weekly mileage to 29km.

The weather today was hot and humid which made the run difficult, but the fact that I was wearing my new pair made up for it. The shoe seems to be behaving well and is living upto my expectations. I look forward to doing about three runs next week.

I also hope to become more regular with my blog, as I have been quite erratic with posts.


Hormaz said...

hi girish,

great going!

would you know of any distance calculating gadgets & their availability? I mean, the ones which till u the distance u have run (converting steps to kms)
The ones which i have checked out are really pricey, like 100 USD.
Do you use one?

girish said...

USD 100 sounds good, The ones I know cost between USD250-500. I would suggest the Garmin ones. You can Google and find the range, polar is also an option, but go for a GPS based one instead of stride based one. You will be able to get it locally, but it would be a lot cheaper to get it from outside India.

Nope I don't use a distance calculator. I run at a constant pace and on a regular route, so have a fair idea of the distance. Yes, I remember my Nokia 5500 has a step based one but its not really accurate.

Bedders said...

I moan about a bit of wind and rain and you guys get out in what can only be described as outrageous conditions - heat, floods, humidity etc....hats off to you! I love my Garmin 305 for distance stuff, but would not be without my Polar for HM workouts.

Fancy an Ironman in Switzerland next July?

Bradwellboy said...

Many Thanks your reply
Its Longford Mara 24 August a small Event (only 160 runners) in Ireland my wife is Irish of thought I had better add a Irish one to the list://www.longfordmarathon.com/
I recently changed my Garmin 305 for the new 405 have used speed and distance monitors for quite a few years. Very good for speed & pace work. Keep running and Blogging
All the best

Girish Mallya said...

Thanks Bedders. The challenging conditions add some much needed variation and spice to runs. Its not so bad.

July 2009 Ironman, looks very difficult. Unless I do something spectacular at the B'lore ultra. So unless they allow some last minute entires..... But I never say never!!

Girish Mallya said...

Great going Paul. Am sure you will do very well in your August run.