Tuesday, July 01, 2008

13K run in extreme weather

It really was extremely. I completed by 10.5km run today in about 1hr 10mins and did the balance distance in about 16minutes, after a short breakfast pitstop. Most of the pictures (below) have been shot at King circle and Dadar TT area in Bombay

Taken at Dadar TT, Outside Damodar Sweet shop

More pics from Dadar TT

BEST bus going up Tilak Bridge at Dadar

Road leading to King Circle flyover

Stranded taxis at King Circle flyover

Knee length water & higher in most part of King Circle area.

It was really deep.....

Massive traffic Jam before King Circle railway station, due to water logging

Road divider were submerged.

Water coming out of storm drains (knocking off 'warning' signboards)

More stranded BEST buses at King Circle area.


madSARMAD said...

God! You ran all the way in that weather?!

Great pix though. Reminds me of the 26/7 deluge. Scary man!

Keep 'em coming...

Girish Mallya said...

Thank god I ran, otherwise I would not have managed my trip to work.

Yes, it was a little scary, but things improve very quickly and things were back to normal by lunch time.

Bradwellboy said...

Hi Girish
Long time no speak. look at the blog every weekend. great photos a different mumbai to Jan!!!!. Glad to see you are getting back to it - me also some good runs lately 10K 41.20 - 10 Miles 69.40 - 21 miles 2.45 Getting ready for a mara next month. Trying to talk the wife into a trip in april 09 so we might get back yet. Miss India like crazy.
Take Care

girish said...

Hi. Nice to hear from you. Good to hear that you are planing to do another trip to India with your wife. India can get addictive and there is soo much to see.

Great going on your runs. Which Marathon are you planing next? Best wishes for your preparation.