Sunday, July 27, 2008

First 50km week of 2008

It feels great after having finally done my first 50km week of the year. Managed four runs during the week, 11km, 13km, 11km and 15km runs on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

I did Sundays 15km in about 1hr 35mins, in some amazing weather. It was raining during the entire duration of the run, which made things very easy and enjoyable. Actually its been raining all through the week, which has been a welcome relief (its not rained for almost a month, and Bombay was suffering water shortage, drought in Maharashtra and massive load-shedding in areas around Bombay). I personally love running in the rains, it makes running so much easier. Though it can be dangerous - greater chances of impact injuries, slipping, rashes, plus there are pot holes and manholes to manage (so its better not to experiment, and stick to the tried and tested routes). Will write a more detailed run on running and rains later.


Bradwellboy said...

Well Done,
Its a long road back from injury but when you arrive its great to be back. I am in awe of your running in Mumbai after being there in Jan and seeing the city at first hand and know what you mean about the pavements Etc. I like running in the rain also but UK is not Mumbai rain. Its warm here at the moment (26 - 28 C) that's hot for us so did my 20 miles at 06.30 this morning 2 miles easy then 18 at 7.30 pace very pleased 2.14.33 in total but was shattered at the end. 2 More weeks of training then the taper and see what the weather brings on the 24th.
Once again great running

beanz said...


GM said...

He means power outages... some are scheduled and some unscheduled.

Chester said...

HapiBlogging to you my friend! Have a nice day!

Girish said...

Thanks GM, I would have need a paragraph to explain that!!

good going Paul. Am sure you will do very well with your run on 24th.


Girish Mallya said...

Hi Chester. You have got a nice blog, keep up the good work.

urja said...

hi girish. saw ur blog as i was searching for some info on triathlon. aim to complete one someday.
i have run to 21 k and aim training for one more.
looking to get some tips from you on full marathon running.

Girish said...

I hope you have registered for the Bombay marathon. You have enough time to prepare for it, given that you have already done a 21km run. Do post your questions and I will try my best to answer them.

As regards tri's, that is a completely different story. You will need to evaluate your swimming and biking strength/skill sets before you plan a tri. You can start with a Olympic distance tri, then move to Half Ironman and then to Ironman.

This will give you some idea about distances.

You can also follow some blogs (eg www.bedders.blogspot.com) who are preparing for their first tri and then follow blogs of other tri-athletes who comment and visit these blogs.